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An Exclusive Interview with Pakhi Gauba


Pakhi Gauba (born August 3 2000) is best known for her books, ‘Feelings and a Pen- The Chaos Inside My Head’ and ‘Dear Papax’. She is a youth icon in the field of writing, publishing and public- speaking, and is the founder of ‘The Conflux Rivista’, which is a youth led team aiming to explore opinions of the youth through webinars, poetry, stories, music and other forms of art. She is a storyteller at heart who has won multifarious awards in the field of writing and speaking. 


Apart from this, she is currently heading the Outreach Department of the Nepal Institute of International Cooperation And Engagement and has previously worked with the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (GOI) , Belarussian Institute of Strategic Studies (Belarus), Young India Foundation, The Kootneeti, Amity School Of Communication, Country and Politics Newspaper, etc. She is a student of International Relations, and her research interests include -: Gender Studies, Human Rights, Indo- Pacific, etc. She believes in the vision of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’, and her mission is to unite the world.


What has been your journey? What made you start writing?

“I’ve always loved watching Tom & Jerry as a child. In fact, it still holds a very special place in my heart as I believe  that I have ‘Jerry’ hidden somewhere within me even though just like an average person at 20, I have an engine attached to my back ; rushing from one thing to another is my hobby at this age. I would say, that it’s not just a phase at 20 because I feel that  I’ve always been like this, from the school level itself, I anchored events, did debates, made boards, etc. But, no matter how engrossed I was in work, by the end of the day I had always felt a need to talk to someone. Afterall, we’re all interdependent. Aren’t we?
In this scenario, when most of everyone is self- centred and jealous,  or even if they’re not but you feel they are, all you’re left with is a pen and paper to bleed your heart onto. 

I started writing during 8th grade, and here I am today! It’s definitely not been an easy journey, I started with some poems, moved forward with memoirs, articles, and finally, TWO books! In between, I did stop writing but fortunately, somehow my diagnosis with Jaundice was a blessing in disguise for my writing journey, specifically for my first book that I came up with, at the age of 17.  That was the time, I utilised the most to write, not because I wanted to write but because I felt writing was a therapy to me, since, I had lost most of my friends while I was in hospital for 6 months straight. 

Talking about my second book, ‘Dear Papax’, it came into existence because of my love for letters. I’ve always loved going old – school, writing, and receiving letters has been my thing since forever, and what better than compiling some in the form of a book for my super hero? My dad. 


From writing to a venture – How come? What’s the aim?

I’ll be really very honest with this. Me and a friend (Ms. Esha Saxena) were bored during quarantine, and we needed some thrill in life. Doing unpaid internships in all these graduation years, especially during the initial stage of the lockdown had built-in a feeling within us of ‘slavery’.Therefore, we decided to come up with something of our own. Now, the question was “WHAT?” 

The idea of an e-magazine emerged in our mind, thinking that a lot of people/students like us are currently seeking opportunities to be published on online platforms, have a recognition for their work, and they’re desirous to be acknowledged. Plus, our aim remained to improve the internship-culture in India by making a team, and not hiring slaves. Henceforth, ‘The Conflux Rivista’ took birth. 

We’re in the process of building such a culture in our organization wherein there is no competition among individuals but within every individual to become a better individual tomorrow. We don’t set deadlines, everyone sets deadlines for themselves.  We’re a team, and we barely follow hierarchy. There’s no work small, no work big.
It’s a platform wherein one can collaborate, confess and learn . It’s a safe space to follow your passions. 


What message would you like to give to the women out there?

Follow the 3Z rule : Zindagi, Zamaana, Zimmedaari – You’ve got one life, live it the way you want to. Forget about the world. Make mistakes. Those mistakes will make you. Take the responsibility. Don’t fear, SPEAK! Learn. Discover. Invent.

Stop competing with men because there’s no competition at all. No one’s better, no one’s worse. The competition needs to be with your own self. Everyday when you look into the mirror you should see a better and an improved version.
And, the most important one, remember you’re the ‘jaan’ of your family, take care of yourself , do not lose on yourself or on your identity for anything or anyone in this world. If the society acts like a crocodile, be your own unicorn. You’re meant to fly high.

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