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Exclusive Interview With Saima Jammal author of “Wolf And The Moon”

TPW: How would you introduce yourself?

Saima: This is Saima jammal from Ratnipora, Pulwama, the author of Amazon bestseller “Wolf And The Moon”.

TPW: What did you like about the writing at the first place and when did you realise that you wanted to be a writer?

Saima: Wrting fascinates me as a skill, at first. But, what I like about writing at the first place is the power of expression and lasting appeal. And the thought of becoming a writer dates back to my nonage.

TPW: You have recently published your book”wolf and the moon”.What fascinated you about this title and how was reaction of people after learning the same?

Saima: Well,you’re not the first one to ask the question. It’s most often asked. Although, there is no such original report.To express the title I have labelled the connection inbetween Wolf and the Moon as”Mysterious”.And so far as the reaction of people is concerned, the title made them ask the same question repeatedly,and that’s sufficient, I guess.

TPW: How was the reaction of your family when you decided turning ahead to publish your book?

Saima: Undoubtedly,reassuring.
But I’d like to make an addition here, if it’s your dream, you are the one to go. Do not let your logical decisions get enslaved by the illogical.

TPW: Do you think writing helps a writer devlope in person?How?.

Saima: Yes,it does help.
Even the way one writes indicates more than 5,000 personality traits. Writing is undoubtedly accompanied by reading which inturn shapes and re-shapes one’s layman ideology.

TPW: What do you think about the status of quality literature in kashmir?

Saima: Quality literature is great literature based on startling and weighty ideas. It involves work challenge. Honestly, Kashmir is not a market for books and real talent.Although,status of quality literature is fine to some extent. It’s the quality literature review that matters for the status of quality literature.

TPW: I think reading is a prelimnary step when you plan to write something.What is your take on this?

Saima: You can not be a good writer unless you are a good reader.

TPW: How do you take literary criticism?

Saima: Literary criticism is too vast to be discussed in a single response. It not only involves the interpretation of ideas but also comparison and analysis. It’s more than opinion, that involves a support system based on evidences in accordance to theme, style, setting, context and so on. I take literary criticism as the backbone of literature because till date there are some of unparalleled critical theories that rule the original literary aesthetics.

TPW: Do have any suggestion/advice for aspiring writers?

Saima: I advice only when asked. Although, a genuine suggestion for aspiring writers is that don’t publish anything in the name of publishing. Do not rush. Recognise your genre and polish it by hardwork.Be a good reader before you become a good writer.

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