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Meet Irtiqa Fayaz Khan a 13 years old girl became the youngest author to compile an anthology under ‘India Book of Records’

Irtiqa Fayaz Khan, from Kashmir, at the age of 13 years became the youngest author to compile an anthology under ‘India Book of Records’. Her book titled ‘The Merged Miracles of Pen’ included works of 20 authors. The book came out in 2021 and has seen many copies sold with great success.

She has already co authored another book named’ Alfaaz‘ and also featured in another anthology herself. It is amazing to see she has achieved all this while being in 9th standard herself.

The young scribe’s journey began while she was in 6th standard, when she wrote a poem ‘Let Go! Your Past’. After a while she posted this poem on social media and received an encouraging response. This proved to be a motivation for Irtiqa to pursue her dream of becoming an accomplished writer.

Irtiqa Fayaz Khan Holding India Book of record award.

She began working on her anthology, inviting authors from the valley to contribute their work. She specifically chose Kashmiri writers as she wanted to promote Kashmir’s literature. This gave people a platform to authors from the valley.

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After a drawn out process, where this budding herself edited and checked all the writings submitted to her, she got down to the process of publication.

Her anthology book was finally picked for publication and aptly titled ‘Merged Miracles of Pen’. The book also features work from notable writer Azra Mufti. Irtiqa has gone from strength to strength and earned her name in India Book of records.

She is further hoping to write a short novella of her own where she will be focusing on elements of Kashmiri culture.

Irtiqa is making impressive in-roads so early in her career. She remains motivated to work on different ideas going forward. Already she has made a telling contribution to the literary society in Kashmir and sky is the limit for such a passionate writer.

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