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Meet Muskaan Sofie, an author and poetess from Pir Panjal Kashmir.

In her debut work, “The Brutal Tale of Helen” Muskan Riyaz Sofie, a 20-year-old writer from the Pirpajal range of Boniyar Baramulla, depicts the perpetual suffering of women in society.

While talking with The Press Walla “Muskan said this novel is all about the plight of women and their ongoing misery. The book was published last month at Tagore Hall, Srinagar. Online retailers have the book for sale.

The Brutal Tale of Helen Book

She has published books about how women of any age can change their lives with just a little perseverance. She also said in the book that there is no better or inferior gender and that both men and women are on an equal footing.

Women encounter bias as a result of their restricted language, which affects their position and power within the home. They eventually pay a terrible price to keep their identity within a society that regularly condones violence against women, she added.

The author, who has been engaged in writing since a young age, is presently working towards her degree at the Government Degree College in Boniyar, Baramulla.

She belongs to the backwards area of this border town, where people have limited access, especially women. In order for everyone to comprehend and read her book, she is also attempting to translate it into Kashmiri. She has previously co-authored several books.

She graduated with a scientific stream from the Govt Girls Higher Secondary School in Baramulla. Her mother, Rubina Riyaz, and father, Riyaz Ahmed Sofi, have always supported her. She also gives her time to the NSS.

The youthful author tries to write in a way that will benefit society. She enjoys drawing, reading, and calligraphy. Her second book, which she may write in Kashmiri, is now in development.

In this story, Muskaan aimed to convey both the depravity and crime of society as well as the endless agony of a daughter (lust). She uses writing as a medium of communication to convey brutality and despair. She focuses a lot of her writing on societally relevant social issues.

Because they are unable to express their sadness or grief, women in the Kashmir valley endure alone. As a result, people are developing depression, which triggers a number of illnesses. The Kashmiri women should find and hire advocates so they can fight for their rights. She believes no one will support the woman until she is unable to support herself.

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