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Meet Syed Bisma a 16 years old Writer, Co-author , poetess from Kashmir Valley

Syed Bisma 16 years old age Writer, Co-author , poetess and now the self publisher Author of the books named as “Women empowerment” and “A gift from God ” From the kashmir valley
She is the daughter of respected Muhammad Amin Syed Bukhari and shameema begum hailing from Gund Dalwash area of district baramulla kashmir.. She had her intrest in writing and exploring different opinions . She had many to thank her parents who always placed their trust in her , encouraged her and always held her back . Throughout her school life she participated in a lot of co-curricular activities which helped her in gaining the confidence . She always want’s to satisfy her parents by reaching to their expectations.
Her purpose behind writing is not to be an Author , She only choosed this art as a medium for mobilising the mind of people to erase out the things that writers are born not made which is the need of time..
She said , she learned this passionate art from herself, when she found herself without shoulder, that she’s sister , without a brother..
She said , she had co-authored few books like splendid Kashmir, stop killing your soul , meladious words, unuttered words, life ahead Status of women in islam which is not published yet..

She said she’s grateful to Almighty Allah SWT for choosing her to be the follower of Profet Muhammad SAW and the member of syed Dynasty..

Syed Bisma

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