Anupam Kher Breaks Silence on IFFI Jury Head Nadav Lapid Calling ‘The Kashmir Files’ Propaganda And Vulgar Film

Anupam Kher says if the ‘holocaust is real, then the exodus of the Kashmiri Pandit is also real’ as he comments on IFFI Jury Head, Nadav Lapid’s statement against his movie ‘The Kashmir Files.’ Read on.

Anupam Kher Breaks Silence on IFFI Jury Head Nadav Lapid Calling 'The Kashmir Files' Propaganda And Vulgar Film
Anupam Kher Breaks Silence on IFFI Jury Head Nadav Lapid Calling ‘The Kashmir Files’ Propaganda And Vulgar Film

Anupam Kher breaks silence on The Kashmir Files controversy: On Monday evening, at the closing ceremony of the India International Film Festival in Goa (IFFI), the jury head made a statement that didn’t sit well with many in the country. Nadav Lapid, in a controversial statement, called The Kashmir Files a ‘vulgar’ and an ‘inappropriate’ film. He called it propaganda and said he wants to initiate this discourse about art and culture on a platform like IFFI.

After his statement against the Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri directorial created havoc on social media, actor Anupam Kher spoke out. Kher, a Kashmiri Pandit himself, plays an important role in the film which follows the exodus of the Kashmir Pandit community from the valley in the 1990s.


The actor was coming out of the Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai when the media surrounded him and asked him to comment on Lapid’s statement. He started by saying that he was not expecting the media to be outside the temple where he had gone to seek blessings for his next film. Kher then said he would give a proper reply to that statement, however, he asserted that a Jewish man thinking so low of the plight of another persecuted community is ‘shameful.’

Anupam Kher said, “If the holocaust is right, the exodus of Kashmir Pandits is also real. It’s very shameful for him to make a statement like that, especially when he himself represents the Jewish community that has suffered from the holocaust. He has also caused pain to people of his own community who did the same struggle as the Kashmiri Pandits a few years back. I think it’s a planned move. Right after that statement was made, many ‘tool kit’ gangs got active. May God give him wisdom! We will give a proper reply to it though (sic).”


Before speaking to the media, the actor took a jibe at the statement on social media by sharing his picture from a distressing scene in the film along with many scenes from the popular film ‘Schindler’s List’ which shows the plight of the Jews who suffered Holocaust at the hands of Adolf Hitler-led Nazis.

The caption of his tweet in Hindi read, “झूट का क़द कितना भी ऊँचा क्यों ना हो..
सत्य के मुक़ाबले में हमेशा छोटा ही होता है.. (sic),” which can be loosely translated to “No matter how big a lie is, it’s always small in front of the truth.”


While speaking at the closing ceremony of IFFI Goa on Monday, November 29, Nadav Lapid said the jury received film nominations for a section at the festival and while 14 of those films had a ‘cinematic quality’, the 15th (The Kashmir Files) was propaganda. He said, “All of us were disturbed and shocked by the 15th film `The Kashmir Files`. That felt to us like a propaganda, vulgar movie, inappropriate for an artistic competitive section of such a prestigious film festival (sic).”

He added, “He said, “I feel totally comfortable openly sharing these feelings here with you on this stage. Since, the spirit of the festival can surely also accept a critical discussion, which is essential for art and life (sic).”

Your thoughts on Lapid’s statement?

Published Date: November 29, 2022 10:09 AM IST

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