Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4: Blesslee, Aswin in jail; drama galore in the house

Reality show Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 is off to a dramatic start with contestants at loggerheads and Bigg Boss coming down hard on the housemates. The show is hosted by superstar Mohanlal.

For starters, Jasmine Moosa, Daisy David and Nimisha have already formed a group. They questioned the dominance of Lakshmi Priya inside the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss also seemed to be in no mood to forgive or forget. Though the contestants completed the weekly task successfully, Bigg Boss cut 50 points off from every contestant for morning naps and not being present on time when Bigg Boss calls. Bigg Boss also cut 500 points from the luxury budget as one of the contestants entered the luxury room without the captain’s permission. Later, Dr. Robin admitted that he was the one who entered the luxury room. Robin and Jasmine had a heated argument over this while Kutty Akhil suggested Robin could have said sorry for his “strategic mistake”. Nimisha also criticised Robin for his actions.

Contestants also couldn’t use the first luxury budget effectively as they couldn’t choose essential items within the limited time. Their inability to decide on the essential items cost them 500 points.

We further saw Blesslee telling Robin that Lakshmi Priya is unwell. Later, Lakshmi reveals that an insect entered her mouth. Lakshmi’s voice has been hoarse since the incident.

Bigg Boss recently asked the housemates to pick the worst performers of the weekly task. Aswin Vijay and Blesslee were declared the worst performers and they were sent to jail. As captain Aswin is in jail, Naveen Arakkal became the temporary captain.

Meanwhile, Blesslee’s unscientific views on eating habits have caught the attention of netizens. Blesslee, who eats only once in a day, said food is the root cause of all his issues. Blesslee added that he had a fight with co-contestant Daisy David because he overate that day. “We lose our self-control when we eat food. The blood in my brain flowed to my stomach, and that’s why I became angry,” said Bleslee during the show. Netizens drew comparisons between Blesslee and Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 contestant Rajith Kumar who was criticised for his unscientific and regressive views.

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