BTS V says Covid ‘lost’ to Jungkook after he shares video of himself dancing in mood-lighting, ARMY worries about singer

BTS’s youngest member Jungkook, who tested positive for COVID-19 just days ahead of the band’s Grammy appearance and Las Vegas shows, took to Instagram to reassure his fans that he was doing well. He shared a video of himself in a room with flashy lights, explaining that he was fine, and that he needed to keep moving and dancing. ARMY worried on hearing his voice, and seeing his watery eyes.

According to the BTS Weverse translation, Jungkook said, “Everybody, I’m fine
I don’t want to lose my muscle so I keep moving I ate and lied down and ate and lied down so I afraid I’m gonna gain weight. I’m taking good care of myself so don’t worry too much and let’s meet soon!
Let’s go.” Fans commented saying, “So good to see him.  Sounds like he has a good plan.  I hope the stuffy nose and watery eyes is just temporary. You got this!!” Another wrote, “We’re all worried meanwhile hes in his hotel room dancing with his mood light.”

V commented on the video saying that the virus lost to Jungkook as he can still dance, but when he was down with COVID, he was unable to dance.

Meanwhile, J-Hope, who has also tested positive for COVID-19 and is quarantining in Seoul, reassured fans of his health as well and that he would join the rest soon. He took to Weverse and wrote, “You were all worried, right?? I’m really okay!!! I eat well~ and sleep well~ during quarantine, so I get better quickly haha! I was so worried because I was confirmed at an important time.But as it’s already happened, so I told myself, ‘Take medicine and rest well! Let’s recover quickly and show you guys a good condition!’ That’s how I spent my quarantine period. More than anything, I thought you guys were worried. I’m sorry to greet you so late, Now that quarantine is over! I’ll join them soon according to the procedure!”

BTS, who recently performed in Seoul after over two years, are all set to perform at the Grammy as well as host a four-day show in Las Vegas. It is still unclear if Jungkook would be joining them.


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