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Exclusive Interview With No 1 Vella of Kashmir RJ Rafiq.

TPW : Tell us about yourself?

RJ Rafiq : Born Vella, Always high on energy I am Mohammad Rafiq pir and I come from place best known for its walnuts called Handwara. People know me as No 1 Vella of Kashmir and they call me  RJ RAFIQ. I have done my studies in Srinagar. 

TPW :When did you chose radio jockeying and what fascinated you more about this? 

RJ Rafiq : Being a child, I was always fascinated about  Radio and its workings, never knowing that this would be the field i would venture and excel in.

TPW : What are the skills required to be an RJ? 

RJ Rafiq : I don’t think one requires any special skills persay to be a Radio Jockey, however the passion of the industry and most importantly willing to express your mind freely and fearlessly is what makes you fit for the job. 

TWP : The key job of radio jockey i think is to reach any and each person and interact with them. RJ Rafiq : How do you think your job affects people of Kashmir in a positive way? 

Over the years ,In Kashmir we have had huge listnership of radio but with the launch of private radio stations and the format these stations operate on, Radio jocks engage to the mindset of youth providing them with full on entertainment and at the same time  also subtly highlighting and reaching out  to the concerned authorities about peoples day to day issues. So yes we do affect people in a positive way. 

TWP : Can you share your most recollecting experience you have implemented in the field of radio? 

RJ Rafiq :Well…. the first thing that hits my mind is my initiative that i started few months back on radio called “BHADAS BOX”. It was program highlighting our social issues like eve teasing, body shaming, domestic violence and general harassment which was run on radio as well as on digital platform. This received a huge response and appreciation amongst the listeners. 

TWP : Interacting with others can be challenging at times. Describe a situation where you felt like not getting along with job but you handled perfectly? 

RJ Rafiq : At times you land up in a situation where in things get difficult to handle, but we are trained well enough to tackle that scenario. I remember one such instance wherein i had this celebrity in studio when we were live on air and i was not aware that the mic was on.  We were in the middle of what you call a candid conversation not knowing that we are going live,  but thanks to the past experience i handled the situation beautifully and it came out to be a whimsical entertaining conversion. 

TWP : Is there any flipside people think of being an RJ?

RJ Rafiq : Flipside……which profession hasn’t?…everything you do has two ways of seeing it…it is just that you do justice to whatever you are doing and stop taking everyone seriously. 

TWP :What are the best script ideas for a Radio jockey?

RJ Rafiq : Well i think it differs from person to person.  For me the best way to get a good script is an in depth research about that topic and at the same time observing and taking out the pointers from a real life scenario. 

TWP : Any message for youth of kashmir?

RJ Rafiq : I guess just follow your dreams, don’t forget your roots and be true and passionate about what ever you do in your life. And most importantly always respect your parents.

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