From Ram Charan’s transformation into Lord Ram to Jr NTR crashing British governor’s welcome party, here is a look at the breathtaking visuals of RRR

You step inside the theatre to watch RRR and within the first five minutes, you are absorbed by the world created by SS Rajamouli. While Jr NTR and Ram Charan keep you captivated with their performances, their on-screen presence is elevated to another level with Rajamouli and cinematographer K. K. Senthil Kumar’s vision, the VFX team and hair-raising background score by the legendary composer MM Keeravani.

Here we list some of the sequences that left us stunned and impressed.


Ram Charan’s introduction

Ram Charan’s character Raju is introduced to us as fire. He is aggressive and strong, both physically and mentally. A police officer who serves British governor Scott, Raju is shown as a fearless man, who, to prove his mettle, takes on thousands of people protesting outside a police station. In what Rajamouli described as “one of the scariest shots in RRR”, a crowd overpowers Raju. Raju screams in pain but gathers his power to get rid of the people who were weighing him down with their body weight. Even though the intense sequence involves a large crowd, the camera manages to capture even the minutest details, especially on Ram’s face.

As Raju returns to his police station after the clash with protestors, the camera zooms in on his beaming eyes as the crowd gives up and scatters. In this scene, his eyes express restraint, pain and a power that his body posture also exudes.

“I was scared during the shot, as Ram Charan wasn’t visible in the dust and among 1,000 people. But, thank goodness, he completed the shot unscathed”, Rajamouli had told IANS in an interview.

Ram charan Ram Charan in RRR. (Photo: DVV Entertainment/Twitter)

Jr NTR’s introduction

Jr NTR, introduced as water, is a tribal man called Bheem aka Komaram Bheem. From Bheem’s muscular frame to his battle with a tiger, every bit of Jr NTR’s introduction is visually appealing. A part of the sequence with the tiger was included in the RRR trailer, but trust us, the sequence in its entirety is on an another level. Watching this sequence on the big screen will surely give you goosebumps.

The makers have beautifully shown (in several sequences) how Jr NTR aka Bheem and Ram Charan’s Raju embody the qualities of water and fire. Like water, Bheem is calm, caring and soothing but at the same time, dangerous. He is strong as well as weak when it comes to his people. Ram, on the other hand, like fire showcases anger and power that can destroy anything.

jr NTR in RRR A still from Jr NTR’s introduction sequence. (Photo: DVV Entertainment/YouTube)
Jr NTR (Photo: DVV Entertainment/YouTube)

Raju and Bheem’s first meeting

Raju wants to arrest Bheem as the latter is wanted by the British government. The two don’t know how each other look. However, fate makes them meet when a train catches fire and a young boy’s life is in danger. The two signal each other and chart out a plan. Raju and Bheem come to the aid of the little boy with the help of a rope and a flag. The sequence shows that when fire (Raju) and water (Bheem) meet, it can ruin as well as mend the world.

RRR (Photo: DVV Entertainment/Twitter)

As the sequence progresses, we also witness an impressive shot of the two running towards each other underwater.

Naatu Naatu song

Mahesh Babu said that Jr NTR and Ram Charan were “flying” in “Naatu Naatu”, and we couldn’t agree more. The choreography of the song is top-notch. And, if you thought the hook step is tough, wait until you watch the whole breathtaking (literally) dance number.

Before Raju and Bheem take the floor to dance on “Naatu Naatu”, Bheem is ridiculed and shamed for being a brown-skinned man. The camera soon zooms in on a black drummer, who is a part of the orchestra at the event. The character seems to understand the humiliation faced by Bheem. This single scene speaks volumes about the global nature of racism.

Jr NTR crashing British governor Scott’s welcome party

This has to be the most whistle-worthy sequence of the film. In this sequence, Jr NTR’s Bheem crashes British governor Scott’s welcome party to free Malli (a tribal girl). He arrives in a truck. He emerges from the truck with wild animals – from bears to tigers. The animals also become a weapon in his fight against the Britishers.

Jr NTR and Ram Charan’s jail escape and fight in the jungle

The standout sequence comes after Jr NTR’s Bheem makes reference to Ramayana. He hints at himself being Lord Hanuman and promises Alia Bhatt’s Sita that he will bring back her Lord Ram aka Raju. Bheem, who manages to find Raju in the jail, makes him sit on his shoulder and runs fast like a cheetah towards the jungle. Raju, meanwhile, shoots the Britishers with rifles.

Ram Charan giving Lord Ram vibe

The introduction of Raju’s Lord Ram-like avatar is a spine-tingling cinematic moment. Everyone who has already watched the film will surely agree with us.

Other shots that deserve a mention

  • Ram Charan as Alluri Sitarama Raju shoots an arrow which passes through fire to hit a British soldier.
  • Jr NTR’s Bheem pushes a tyre (set on fire) and the camera, through the tyre’s hole, captures Ram Charan in motion. The shot hammers home the fire theme yet again.
  • When a droplet of blood enters Bheem’s eyeball and falls as a tear in the song “Komaram Bheemudo”.

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