Grammy Awards 2022: Watch BTS’ V’s ‘smooth like butter moves’ with Olivia Rodrigo ahead of band’s performance

The Grammy Awards 2022 are going on at the moment, and BTS just set the stage on fire with their song Butter. The boys had performed something ‘different’—-and it seemed different indeed, as they had unique entries on stage. What caught fans’s attention was the way V whispered to Olivia Rodrigo before he went up on stage. Smooth like butter indeed. While Jin, who recently had a surgery on his index finger, couldn’t perform properly, BTS members found a way to make him feel a part of it.

ARMY is currently having a meltdown after their performance, and some are requesting a special collaboration of V and Olivia. Fans wrote, “I love the performance. I love what they did with their suits, it was so cool and beautiful. The stage was their playground!” Another wrote, “I love that BTS found a way to incorporate into the performance while being mindful of his injury.” One tweeted, “Seokjin, you did amazing, I’m so proud of you!” One wrote, “V and Olivia Rodrigo looked so cool together, when are they collaborating?” Others wrote, “Iconic moment, between V and Olivia!” One asked, “Are they flirting? How is she so chill?”

Olivia Rodrigo just won the Best New Artist Award at the Grammys. BTS has received a single nod for their summer single, Butter.

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