Hridoypora Starring Pranab Kr Nath And Nisha Deb From SD Creations Is Now A Short Film Hit

We all read about different movies everyday, some are released under really high categories and some go unnoticed by the normal people since it does not concern them at all. Today we will discuss about Hridoypora, a Bengali short film that has represented not just the artistic values but also the commercial ones, from SD creation and directed by Dipanwita Datta. 

Hridoypora has a number of diverse elements in it that we the people really like, as per the reports we have derived from the director itself that it is not meant to be categorised under a particular gender or age group, it can interest almost everyone since it has a lot of elements in it. Being a compact family movie, it can be watched in a room and also widely all over cinema halls without any considered age restrictions.

There is yet a lot of information to be released, the bloopers and the back story, but according to the latest updates from the casting members also, they have described their experience to be outstanding and something new artistic in nature. How beautifully the love factor has been portrayed, there are so many complications in life that people have related to their relationships come up sometimes people leave and sometimes people misunderstand but their differences are overcome with age and time. Based on this is the plot of Hridoypora.

This is entirely a new concept and one such movie that is going to be a major competition to Bangladesh as well, since it is already released an out for the common people to watch on 8th of may this year. The movie is successfully on screen in Hyderabad, West Bengal and Bangladesh.

It took them almost a year to finish the directing, script writing and acting along with the editing part, they started just after the lockdown came to an end last year and continued to refine the short film over this time.

The auditions were held in the short duration, and only the best of casting members got chosen, the main ones being Pranab Kr Nath and Nisha Deb. Even the director Dipanwita Datta greatly included the roles, directing them to Success. A main focus point would be the location common sense it was shot in entire Tripura, the beauty and the artistic value of the place is also very visible. Let us not forget the music, it is a complete enhancer and changes the entire outlook through the soothing sounds.

Looking for a good experience so an innovative love story and a complicated background? Hridoypora is definitely the right option, it will not just bring out all your emotions but also make you leave wanting for more.

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