Jacqueline Fernandez opens up about being in therapy: ‘People think therapy is useless, it helped me so much’

Jacqueline Fernandez’s co-stars have always admired her positive and happy attitude. However, there was a phase when she felt really lonely during the first lockdown. Talking about that phase, Jacqueline said she sought help from a therapist, which really helped her.

“In 2020, right after the pandemic, I realised I was possibly going through loneliness,” Jacqueline told Shilpa Shetty Kundra on her show — Shape of You.

“There are so many people who actually live alone in the city and they don’t have their families with them. So, you don’t have people to talk to. And there’s a lot of times, it is in my personality as well, I don’t want to keep bogging people down with my problems or my issues. So, I don’t want to bring up things that might seem sad or depressing around friends or even family, because I don’t like them knowing that I am struggling or sad or lonely. So, I did seek help. I had this amazing therapist. I was doing therapy for some time. And it is amazing,” she said, adding that it is amazing for people to have somebody solid to talk to.

“People think therapy is useless because what are they going to tell you. But actually, it is for your own self reflection, which sometimes you don’t take the time to do. It helped me so much,” she concluded.

When asked about being trolled, Jacqueline said that over the years, she has learned to not let the experiences “turn you into a bad person.” “Sometimes you see something very randomly written and no one has clarified it, no one has asked you but already you have a war going on against you, which was not even necessary. This can turn you into a horrible person or untrustworthy. Don’t let it steal your light. Stay positive,” she said.

Adding to Jacqueline, Shilpa said she and the Bachchhan Paandey actor share the quality to remain “eternally positive.” “Bhaad me jaaye log, hum apni zindagi jeeyenge,” Shilpa is heard saying in the video, to which Jacqueline added, “Ek hi zindagi hai.”

Jacqueline was mired in a controversy a few months ago. Fernandez was linked to alleged conman Suresh Chandrashekhar’s Rs 200 crore money laundering case. In 2021, a picture of the actor with Suresh went viral on social media platforms. In response to which, Jacqueline requested her fans and ‘media friends’ to not circulate the images, which she said ‘intrude (her) privacy and personal space’. She said that even though she is experiencing a ‘rough patch’, she hopes to bounce back soon.

On the work front, Fernandez is looking forward to the release of Akshay Kumar’s Bachchhan Paandey and John Abraham’s Attack.

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