Jaya Bachchan reveals her definition of love, feels today’s generation has killed romance

Navya Naveli Nanda, along with her grandmother Jaya Bachchan and mother Shweta Bachchan, discussed modern relationships on the latest episode of the What the Hell Navya podcast. Jaya spoke about the definition of love in today’s times and said that the modern generation doesn’t understand what true romance is.

The Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham actor said that for her, attraction is the first step, and understanding comes later. “For me, of of course, attraction is very important. It’s the first thing. If you are not attracted to somebody, the next step does not happen. Attraction is important. Then understanding and sieving out, the not good and the good and weighing whichever is better,” she said.

Talking about how the definition of love has changed today, Jaya said, “Holding hands doesn’t mean togetherness. Togetherness means a lot of other things. A lot deeper, a lot more commitment. Today, I don’t know whether the generation is ready to make that kind of commitment.”

“The definition of love has changed today. I think today, love is not, at least for us, you are attracted to somebody and then you find out. If you, while in the process of finding out, you realise that yeah I’m attracted but I think it’s not going to work…” she added.

Jaya also spoke about how being in many relationships one after another leaves one with nothing to give to the next person. “It’s not the question of marriage but even in a relationship, every time you have a relationship, you are giving away so much. So when you meet another person, that you think ‘Oh, this one is very nice,’ but you’ve already dealt with a part of the emotion with the ones before so what new do you have to give that person? Nothing,” she said.

The episode had Jaya discussing how physical compatibility is necessary for one’s relationship to work. “People might find it objectionable coming from me, but physical attraction and compatibility are very important. In our times, we could not experiment. But today’s generation, they do, and why shouldn’t they, because that is also responsible for a long-lasting relationship. If there is no physical relationship, it’s not going to last very long. You just can’t be lasting on love, fresh air and adjustments,” she said.

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