John Abraham says actors claim 50 per cent of film’s budget as their fee: ‘In Attack, we have spent on VFX, not John’

John Abraham’s Attack is all set to release on April 1, a week after SS Rajamouli’s pan-India film RRR, starring Jr NTR, Ram Charan, Ajay Devgn and Alia Bhatt, hits theatres. The actor, who considers Attack as India’s answer to Avengers, is not concerned.

He said, “We’ve been promised a certain number of screens by our partners. We will get a good screening. I have a lot of respect for Rajamouli sir and his kind of cinema, but we also have a lot of respect for what we have done. We are definitely not number two to anyone.”

Producer Jayantilal Gada, who has backed RRR in Hindi as well as Attack, believes that the films will find their own audience. “Every film has its own destiny. There have been instances when two films have released on the same day yet both have been hits. Attack’s release date was fixed while RRR’s release date was decided later and was not in our control,” he said at the trailer launch.

Attack sees John Abraham playing a super soldier who is out to save India. When asked how the concept is close to Marvel’s Avengers, the actor said, “I have a simple logic. If Hollywood can do it, why can’t we? Our obstacle is always that we have less budget. Even we didn’t have that humungous a budget, we have made a fantastic film from what we were allotted.”

He added, “Our inspiration was that we have to make an Indian film that the world will watch and realise that we can make movies like these too. That even we have such action heroes and super soldiers, who don’t wear their underwear over their pants. If they can make films like Avengers, or White House Down, then why can’t we? Attack is an answer to that. We wanted to make a film for today’s generation.”

John also revealed the makers have invested more on VFX than on actors, and that’s what makes Attack a different film. He said, “An actor’s fee is usually close to fifty per cent, if not more, of the entire budget. In our case, our VFX was 30 per cent of the entire budget. In this film, we have not spent on John Abraham. We have spent on VFX. I’m not in the race of charging the most or the least. When it’s your baby, you want the best product out. That’s the way you make a good film, so that people come to see something that’s worth it. That’s how you build credibility. It’s an action film with a difference. Action, VFX, music, sound design done to the highest quality.”

John Abraham has already announced the second installment of Attack. “We intend to make a part two. We have a script ready, but we can’t comment on when we want to get going with it. You can decide to make a part two only when your studio partner is on board. Jayanti bhai said let’s first sign the sequel and then release part one. That was his level of confidence.”

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