Lock Upp: Jailor Karan Kundrra evicts Chetan Hansraj for smoking in the lounge, passing casteist remarks

After last night’s ‘100 minutes’ episode of the reality show Lock Upp, host Kangana Ranaut will now join the ‘kaidis’ for a ‘Judgment Day’ special. But before that, owing to his continuous rule breaks, Chetan Hansraj will be evicted by none other than the jailor himself, Karan Kundrra.

The actor had entered the show as its 15th contestant last week. However, he has been on a cribbing spree about every other thing in the jail. Recently, he went on a rant and even provoked other inmates to violate the rules of the game. He was even heard talking ill about the makers on camera.


And now, in tonight’s episode, Karan Kundrra will play the footage in which Chetan is seen smoking freely in the lounge area, in clear violation of the rules. Another video will show him passing lewd and casteist remarks about the doctor who entered the jail for a checkup. If this was not enough, while badmouthing the makers, he even went ahead and changed the word ‘jailor’ to ‘tailor’ on the rule board.

Karan Kundrra will be seen showing his disgust at Chetan’s conduct. The jailor will even say that only because Chetan is senior to him, he is not losing his temper on him. However, as a punishment for his callous behaviour, he will have to throw him out of the show. Post the decision, Chetan will be seen getting emotional and even apologetic. He will add that he never wanted to show this side of him to his son.



However, a source close to the show added that while Chetan has left the jail, he is still a part of the show. Kangana Ranaut, who is shooting for the weekend episode will take the final call on his eviction. “Given he is such a strong contestant, he might be given another chance. It all depends on how badly he offended Kangana, and of course the makers,” the source added.

This week, Shivam Sharma, Payal Rohatgi, Poonam Pandey, Anjali Arora, Saisha Shinde and Nisha Rawal are nominated for eviction.

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