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Meet Saqib Wani “WS25” Rapper/Lyrics King From Underground Kashmir

WS25 was born on 25 March 2003 In Jammu & kashmir . saqib wani born in a middle-class Muslim Family. Later, he adopted the stage name “WS25,” which is a combination of his names He did his schooling from GLEI kashmir. WS25 was good at his studies.But further shifted his focus towards rap when he reached his 8th class. It took a lot of effort for him to learn hip-hop music.

WS25 initially started making rap videos for fun, But after receiving an overwhelming response, he started taking rap seriously.WS25 made his debut with “SAB BEKAAR” in 2020.His family and friends fondly call him SANDY. WS25 Aspired to be a Entrepreneur.His Hobbies Reading books, outdoor sports , writingPeople Also Called “WS25,”as lyrical King. His motive is to Represent Kashmir on High level & Make All kashmir Proud. 
The kashmiri rap scene has greatly changed and one of the rappers responsible for it is WS25. The creator of the iconic ‘SAB BEKAAR’ greeting, this Kashmiri rapper, has proved what happens when you never give up on your dreams. From an underground rapper to one of the most famous rappers today, here’s the journey of rapper WS25. When everyone left him alone music used to be his only relief during that time. It was then that he wrote his very first track ‘HALF INTRO’ in HINDI and released it, featuring his friends, at the age of 15.WS25 is known for being a fiercely independent artist.

This sense of freedom stems from his early days as a struggling rapper. Hailing from a middle-class family, WS25 never took financial support from his family to support his rap career. He used to work in a Hard Cafe’s to support his musical dreams. WS25 being heavily inspired by Eminem,2PAC used to rap only in English.WS25 has inspired hundreds of aspiring rappers to believe in their dreams. And Flutin has given these underground rappers a shot at making it all come true.underground, an ongoing rap talent show, is where the country’s finest rappers are battling it out to launch their music career with Flutin.WS25 has come a long way by staying true to his talent and passion. However, his journey to being, arguably, the most loved Kashmiri rapper hasn’t been easy. From facing several ups and downs to finally gaining recognition worldwide, here’s the story of a underground rapper redefining the definition of ‘top’

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