Meghana Raj Sarja on social media trolls who think she doesn’t miss Chiranjeevi Sarja: ‘I don’t have to prove it to you’

Actor Meghana Raj Sarja has had a unique journey in the last couple of years. When she lost her husband Chiranjeevi Sarja in 2020, she was already pregnant and just a few months later, she welcomed her son Rayaan. In a recent chat, Meghana shared that she never thought about taking a break from social media because of its toxicity and she credits her late husband for that.

Meghana shared with Bollywood Bubble that while she has received a lot of support from social media users, there are a few trolls who try to disturb her peace. “Very recently, I had put up a post where I was eating something. It was my binge day. It was a random decision that I was going to put it on social media and some random comment read, ‘You don’t remember Chiru at all.’”

She continued that this comment did not bother her but instead had her thinking that she does not have to prove anything to anyone. “I was like I don’t have to prove it to you brother. I really don’t have to prove it to you whether I remember him or I think of him. It’s completely up to me,” she said.

Days after Chiranjeevi Sarja’s passing, Meghana Raj Sarja shared a note on Twitter which read, “Every time I feel weak, you are around me like a guardian angel. You love me so much that you just couldn’t leave me behind alone, could you? Our little one is your precious gift to me-a symbol of our love- and I am eternally grateful to you for this sweet miracle. I can’t wait to bring you back to earth, as our child. I can’t wait to hold you again. Can’t wait to see your smile again. Can’t wait to hear that infectious laughter of yours that lights up the entire room. I will wait FOR YOU and you wait FOR ME on the other side. You will live as long as I breathe. You are in me. I LOVE YOU (sic).”

Chiranjeevi Sarja passed away in June 2020 after suffering a cardiac arrest. He was 39.

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