Nna Thaan Case Kodu song Devadoothar Paadi: Kunchacko Boban is the scene-stealer

The song “Devadoothar Paadi” from upcoming movie Nna Thaan Case Kodu has caught everyone’s attention, thanks to the uninhibited performance of Kunchacko Boban. The song is the new rendition of the hit number from the 1985 movie Kathodu Kathoram.

In Nna Thaan Case Kodu, “Devadoothar Paadi” is sung by the singers of a music band during some communal celebration. Kunchacko Boban’s character lets his hair down while dancing to the song without worrying about people around him. Kunchacko’s performance has impressed everyone as it looks so realistic. With greasy hair and beard, and dressed in a lungi and shirt, Kunchacko’s get-up immediately captures our attention.

The new version of “Devadoothar Paadi” is also sung by K J Yesudas, who sang the original.

Within the song, there is a lot of action going on, besides Kunchacko Boban’s freestyle dancing. His presence at the event makes two cops very uncomfortable. And it seems Kunchacko’s character is also aware that the cops are uneasy having him around. The cops fix their eyes on him as they follow his every movie anxiously trying to figure out what he’s up to. And Kunchacko’s character is up to something. He’s plotting something big but he’s not nervous. It seems he has everything under control and keeps moving to the music.

Nna Thaan Case Kodu is helmed by Ratheesh Balakrishnan, who is known for movies like Android Kunjappan Ver 5.25 and Kanakam Kaamini Kalaham. The film is billed as a courtroom comedy, which sheds light on the follies of our criminal justice system.

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