Payal Rohatgi assigned secret task in Lock Upp, read all details here

Payal Rohatgi is emerging as one of the strongest players of Lock Upp. While her equation with most contestants may not be good, she has managed to make her mark in the game. In the upcoming episode, Payal will be assigned a secret task in the ‘benakab zone’ to win a mini refrigerator with mangoes in it, and access to the private washroom. Wondering if she won it, read on.

As Payal will take up the ‘daringbazi task’, she would be asked to eat spicy things thrice during the playout. She will also be asked to be in close proximity to a given contestant. However, the person shouldn’t know that she has consumed something spicy. She will also be asked to not eat or drink anything, nor go to the washroom. Accepting the dare, the actor will first eat 2 slices of chilli toast filled with green chillies. She will also be asked to be near Mandana Karimi for the first phase. As Mandana will figure out she is being followed, she and her aides will try to distract Payal. However, she will try to make amends and even try to persuade her to become friends with Azma Fallah.

For the next round, Payal Rohatgi will be given puris filled with thecha (green chillies chutney) and chilli water shots. As she will be asked to follow Zeeshan, she will take the opportunity to sit with him and talk about redemption. In the last round, she will chew a couple of green chillies and target Munawar Faruqui. As other housemates will believe that she was given a task to seek forgiveness, they will be shocked when Payal will be announced successful in her task. The jail inmates will be delighted to find the mini-fridge and mangoes and laud Payal for her efforts.

Will Payal’s efforts for her team make her team trust her again? We will have to wait and watch for that.

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