Ravi Teja’s character in Ramarao on Duty is a little less animated: Sarath Mandava

Actor Ravi Teja’s fans will finally get to enjoy his film Ramarao on Duty in theatres, starting this Friday. The movie, whose theatrical release was delayed twice, is directed by Sarath Mandava. This is his first Telugu film. He said that the script gave him the much-needed confidence to direct a major star like Teja.

Talking about his experience of directing Teja, Mandava told indianexpress.com, “I was excited to work with him (Teja) but there was no pressure. The script was ready and everyone heard it. What I believe is that the script is above all. If my script is strong enough and everybody hears it and says ‘Yes man, let’s go with this!’, then everything is ok.” He added, “Everyone on the sets, be it the highly skilled technicians or artistes, heard the script and were excited about it. So, that gives me confidence. I just follow my script and don’t deviate from my story at all.”

Sarath Mandava also said that Ravi Teja’s character in Ramarao on Duty is going to be different. Describing the character, Mandava said, “Basically, Ravi garu has been playing roles that suit his body language. He is very energetic, talks casually, like any other common man. He doesn’t show any big hero behaviour. Whatever he has played has some comic element or wittiness to it. The comic element or wittiness brings in some kind of animation in the body language. But in Ramarao on Duty, his character is a little less animated and highly intense. Sometimes he exudes some kind of wittiness but being a police officer, his body language is moulded in a different manner. This character is definitely different.”

Ramarao on Duty was earlier set to release in the first half of the year. However, due to the release of big-budget pan-Indian films such as RRR, the producers decided to postpone the film. Mandava is confident that the current release date works best for the film. “That period of time when we had changed the release date a couple of times, people were not ready to come to theatres at all and at the same time there was too many big-budget and pan-Indian films releasing. So, we took a safe route and waited for this time. Release dates are often decided collectively by distributors and exhibitors. I blindly follow them because release date is not my cup of tea,” he said.

The director added, “Now it is relatively better and people are coming to theatres. This film will pull in more people because of his (Ravi Teja) image. He has a huge fan following and the trailer was received well by people from all walks of life.”

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