Rubina Dilaik on overcoming marital issues with Abhinav Shukla: The journey has made me a better person

TV couple Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla love to travel. And recently, the duo got a chance to document their trip to Abu Dhabi for MX Player show Wanderlust. While Abhinav enjoyed driving the Mustang and shooting the rifle, Rubina picked their Emirati wedding as “the best moment”.

“Just to get married to this man again in a new culture was the moment of my life. It’s still so fresh in my memory. I think it is a good idea to get married in various cultures,” the Shakti actor told indianexpress.com.

While the show revolved around the journey in a different city, we quizzed the actors about their journey as a couple. Readers would know that Rubinav, as they are fondly called by fans, had spoken about tough times in their marriage on Bigg Boss 14. The couple mentioned that they even contemplated divorce. Talking about their journey, Rubina said that she is grateful for the journey as she believes that’s more important than the destination itself.

“There is not even an iota of regret about what was said, done, or discussed. We worked upon it as a challenge and there is only gratitude. The journey made me a better person and has instilled a lot of confidence in each other. We have overcome the troubles together and understood how little compromises and adjustments take you far. It’s always about creating a fine balance. That’s how this journey has been,” Rubina shared.

Husband Abhinav Shukla added that there is no scope for a blame-game between them. He said, “That was there for a short period when things were not so great. But now we know where we went wrong and we acknowledge our shortcomings. We have never been so comfortable with our relationship.”

While all is well in Rubinav’s world, we wondered if they’ve ever felt compelled to project a perfect couple image on social media. Sharing that they get trolled because they have never made an effort to put their relationship on social media, Abhinav said, “She doesn’t have the habit of reading comments but sometimes I do. And people keep telling us why we don’t put photos together and comment on each other’s posts. But I want to say that it’s our choice and we will keep doing that. We can’t be told how we present our bond on social media. The trolling and criticism will continue but that’s how we are as people.”



Echoing his thoughts, Rubina Dilaik added that she understands fans’ desire to know what’s happening in their lives. “Also, being on the biggest reality show, we gave that access to people to judge us and also peek into our lives. However, we had gone there with an intention. But when it comes to social media, we choose what we want to put across. We would never put up a facade or even a problem. We cannot just keep putting PDA posts. It doesn’t work for us.”

As for trolling, the Arth actor shared that she is shocked by the way people exercise the freedom of expression. She said, “They are so inconsiderate and heartless. It sometimes feels like a stab. I don’t even look at the comments but when it starts affecting my near and dear ones, I don’t take it. These comments by pseudo fans feel like an attack. And when my family or Abhinav are involved, I take my Rudra roop and slam everyone. I won’t take that from anyone.”

In June this year, Rubina and Abhinav will complete four years of marriage. On asked if they would advocate the institution of marriage, Rubina laughed to share, “We don’t do it voluntarily but if someone asks, I think given our mistakes and how we overcame it, I would love to share that experience. I think there’s so much that we can learn from companionship and relationship and I would like to share that advice. I also strongly believe that everything about you is connected to your relationships. If you are happy in your interpersonal bonds, everything else also seems better in life.”



Abhinav Shukla added that he feels that one should get married only if they want to. He said, “Don’t listen to friends and relatives and do it because they say so. Make a choice, be clear and have your facts straight. Also, don’t blame anyone if things don’t go as planned. However, I must add that it’s indeed a beautiful journey.”

And what about friends and family nudging them to become parents? “That’s basic human nature and I think it comes because they care for you,” shared Abhinav. He added that a few friends just want you to join the gang and these questions never upset him. “If one doesn’t care or ask, one may miss it and feel people are now cold. It’s a natural instinct. However, at the end of the day, it’s going to be our call. That’s how we draw the line. One can nudge us but never pressure.”

Rubina too agreed on the same and confessed that there’s nothing on the cards as of now. “I do see my friends and the love and joy kids bring in their lives. I believe having a child marks the evolution of a relationship but we’ll only have one when we are ready,” she concluded.

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