The Boys season 3 trailer: Amazon’s best show gets even more diabolical as Butcher gets superpowers, watch

We finally have our first look at The Boys season 3 through a teaser trailer, and it is, as Butcher would say, diabolical. Set to Imagine Dragons’ new single “Bones”, the clip, which is a little less than two minutes, charts the path of the titular Boys, a team of vigilantes taking on the mighty Seven, the most powerful superheroes on earth.

The trailer begins with characters staring at their images in the mirror, clenching their fists, or otherwise just engaged in deep thought or rethinking their life choices. The chaotic ending of the last season does indeed ask for contemplation.

As promised by the poster, Butcher has superpowers now. It is not clear when did he consume the Compound V, or is there any other reason, but he has X-Ray Vision now.

There are also new players in town, most important of them all is the Soldier Boy, played by Supernatural actor Jensen Ackles. While Soldier Boy in the comics is a coward and his claim for having been fought in the World War II is considered false, here it appears the writers are diverting a little from the comics. For we see him taking down baddies (or just normal people, if you consider that he may be a Nazi) while clad in a costume similar to Captain America.

The shots presented in the trailer do not coalesce to form an even or linear narrative, so it does a good job in keeping the plot secret. We expect that the show will fire on all cylinders right from the onset of third season. Homelander is licking their wounds after the fallout in the finale. The show also looks bloodier, though it is hard to see how it could better the second season in that regard.

Still, we see exploding bodies, arms twisted the wrong way, green sludge being vomitted upon a major character by another major character among other bold and vivid visuals.

The Boys season 3 premieres on June 3, 2022.

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