Digital Strategies to consider implementing in 2022 – Vikas Mishra Founder Of 360Degree Digital Marketing 

The pandemic drove businesses online in ways that many were not ready for. Companies that did everything in the office for years were suddenly forced to move to online meeting platforms. Those who made the transition well have been able to grow. With these changes in mind, here are some strategies our agency is implementing to help our clients jump-start 2022 

  • Update your website

Website updates are an integral part of any long-term digital marketing plan, but how often should you update your website and how do you know it’s time? Updating your website affords numerous advantages such as enhanced security, keeping your content relevant, and ensuring your website design is fresh. It can also offer you the chance to fix any mistakes that may be costing you visitors, or worse, potential customers. These issues might include blog pages without content, having too many navigational menu options, incorrect or missing contact information, or having no call to action

  • Optimize your social media accounts

Keep a strong social media presence by: 

• Researching your audience.

• Simplifying your metrics to easily track engagement and conversions.

• Removing and republishing underperforming posts until you meet your goals.

• Sharing posts from weaker social media platforms to stronger ones.

  • Use interactive content.

No matter the platform, the more people engage with a piece of content, the more likely that content is to show up for other people. Build instant engagement and gain new followers with the live features on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Tutorials and question/answer sessions are both popular live video formats that can help you promote your brand and engage with your followers. 

  • Create more video content

Make videos to promote your services and brand. Short videos (60 seconds or less) have become extremely popular across all platforms.  To maximize your video content:

• Make videos short and to the point.

• Use quick cuts to keep videos clean.

• Be natural and authentic.

• Use good lighting and sound.

• Invite people to engage and respond to you.

Whatever platform you post the video on (Facebook, Instagram or YouTube), be sure to share it to your other social platforms as well. 

  • Optimize for voice search.

Optimizing for voice search is simple. Think about the way you use your phone. When I ask my phone something aloud, I don’t say: “Hey Google, founder of 360degree digital marketing?” or “Latest movie to watch?” Apply this logic by: 

• Updating your keywords for your website and social media to add conversational keywords that answer full questions.

• Making sure all your platforms include your business location so people wanting to find your services near them find you. 

• Making alt text conversational and, where appropriate, including location in your alt text and captions.

• Creating pages and posts that answer the questions: Who, What, When, Where and Why?

  • Create a 2022 editorial calendar.

Your editorial calendar is one part task organizer, one part event calendar and one part accountability partner. When we build our editorial calendar, we look at:

• What the project is and when it’s due.

• Who is participating in the project and what their role is.

• What the milestones are for each step in the project.

The calendar helps us to see what projects are coming up, where we are in the current project, what areas are falling behind and who needs extra assistance.

  • Get control over your online reputation

Online reviews are usually the final step of any marketing and sales journey. How important are positive online reviews? They are one of the primary factors that go into Google’s choice of which businesses appear in their top three positions when people search for information

So what can you do to get control over your online reputation?

Censuring negative reviews definitely isn’t the answer. That same Trust pilot study says that 62 percent of consumers won’t buy from a company that does it.

The right answer is to partner with a review generation service. It will use a combination of virtual and human services to get more great reviews for your organization on Google and other popular review platforms

A technologically advanced review generation service will also use platforms that automatically determine where a business needs more reviews and encourage people to go there. For example, if your business is looking very good in Google but is falling behind in Facebook reviews, the email or text message sent by the review generation service will encourage people to provide positive feedback on Facebook

  • Influencer marketing 

The next generation of influencer marketing is using artificial intelligence to identify the ideal influencers for different businesses. AI is able to monitor more influencer social accounts and videos than a large team of humans could. Its predictive analysis of potential influencers can make programs more efficient and cost-effective.

So, if you’re doing influencer marketing, you will want to look at using AI in 2022. If influencers aren’t part of your current digital marketing strategy, isn’t it time to get on board? Even the most conservative financial firm can find an economics guru their clients and prospects will respect and admire.

Content has been a top priority for many years.

When was the last time your organization updated its digital content marketing strategy? If you’re not sure, it’s probably time.

Why not change things up and

  • Add some of the videos, podcasts, memes, and infographics that many people today prefer over the written word
  • Provide more interactive experiences that demonstrate what makes your organization unique rather than just talk about it
  • Leverage influencers and experts to add greater credibility and authority to your content marketing efforts

9. Allow your multichannel marketing efforts to tell a story

Most marketing campaigns use multiple tactics to generate leads and sales. Social media, Google Ads, blog posts, landing pages, chatbots, and experiences from a review generation service could all be a part of the journey.

Most organizations get the pieces of that journey right, but often all those pieces don’t really come together as a whole. For a marketing effort to be successful, the pieces need to be thought of as chapters that connect together into a complete story. Every disconnect or unexpected event will break the narrative and give prospective clients and customers a reason to abandon.

One of your top digital marketing priorities should be to become a master storyteller and use data and metrics to find the gaps in your end-to-end marketing storytelling experience.

10. Ensure your website is mobile-responsive

“Mobile first” has been the mantra for a long time, ever since smartphones became the dominant tool people use to communicate, shop and get information.

Despite this, most organizations still have gaps in their mobile experiences. Prior to the pandemic, people were willing to tolerate a few online blips or hiccups. Now that much more has moved into the digital sphere and leading companies have made online experiences smooth and seamless, people are unwilling to deal with subpar user experiences. They simply move on to competitors that make it easy to conduct business with them online

11. Incorporate tools for digital sales enablement

The sales enablement tools provide visibility across the sales content lifecycle. They combine business intelligence, content analytics, customer experience, CRM, automation, sales analytics, and other smaller processes to enable sales reps to make that sale.

Implementing the right sales enablement tool will give your sales team the lift it needs to analyze key sales strategies and boost overall productivity

12.  Take advantage of paid media

Paid Media has become one of the most important marketing aspects to reach the right audience at the right time with the right content. As everyone wants the best ROI from their ad spend, optimization tools will only get more and more advanced. 

With paid media offering instant traffic and results compared to other forms of digital and traditional marketing, digital advertising is becoming essential for every business. Whether you’re selling a physical product, digital product, or offering services, paid media can benefit every business if used correctly

13. Make your digital dashboard work for you.

It’s been possible for marketers to track and measure all the aspects of their marketing campaigns for a long time now.

The issue is that most are unable to connect all the pieces together into a meaningful and easy-to-read dashboard or report. By the time they connect the dots, they’ve missed out on opportunities or let small issues turn into big problems. 2022 should be the year you resolve this. Use some of your marketing budgets to hire someone to create a data dashboard for your organization. The cost to do this is relatively inexpensive. And today, you’ll get far more of a return on investment in good data than in doing more marketing that’s not backed up by solid metrics.

14. Review your strategy and budget

Your marketing plan is a map. It guides your activities and provides you with benchmarks and goals throughout the year. Your plan should be adaptable and allow for a change in direction if needed. The best strategy for working with an adaptable marketing plan is to review it regularly. A stale or outdated marketing action plan is one of the most common reasons for steady declines in website traffic and lead generation. Your marketing plan is a pathway to achieving growth, and keeping it current is an investment in your success.

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