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Exclusive Interview With Young Entrepreneur From Kashmir

TPW: Give us detailed introduction about yourself.

Sheikh Asif : My name Sheikh Asif i am from Batmaloo Srinagar Kashmir, I was born on 29 Aug 1993 in District Pulwama. I am an Entrepreneur, Author ,Podcaster, CEO & Founder Thames Infotech (A Manchester Based IT Company).

TPW: Where have you got basic education

Sheikh Asif : I got my basic education from a reputed school of Batmaloo namely Talent Educational Institute.

TPW:How did you develop interest in computer application?

Sheikh Asif : The seed of programmer was inbuilt in me since my childhood because from my childhood I always wanted to have a computer and I was actually crazy for it . The love for electronic devices computer was never ending inside me. You can relate this to the fact that whenever my mother took me for vaccination I always was very much stubborn and just always put condition to her that until she won’t bring me a computer I won’t do any vaccination as It was expensive and she couldn’t buy me that so to fulfill my demand she used to bring me a calculator and when I brought that home I just opened the whole thing to actually see how it works and what is actual scenario inside it. This love always drove me crazy towards the digital world and ya that’s why today I’m standing here as a programmer and a digital marketing person.

TPW: Despite such minimum education, currently you are working as CEO of a UK based company, how did you achieve such milestone

Sheikh Asif : Although I am not having higher education but to me education doesn’t mean degrees education means how much you are eligible of to do. This Mantra actually worked for me. I faced so many struggles in life financially, mentally from every side but I was possessing do or die attitude because I knew that if I couldn’t take my passion with me than I’m going to exist nowhere. So I decided with myself that whatever the condition would be I’ll never give up and besides I kept doing hard work because these two things takes you to your goal. My dreams to be an entrepreneur, programmer never let me sleep so I burnt my sleep to fulfill my dream I believe that if you want to be somewhere you need to come out of your comfort zone and that’s what I always did. I was stubborn towards my goal and yes I did achieved it and still I’m wandering for more and more. I always believe that successful people have a lot of struggle in their lives but it is they who decide not to stop and never give up this is what forces nature also to make you successful

TPW: What motivated you for computer science?

Sheikh Asif : I was always attracted towards gadgets and devices and perhaps it was God gifted in me. I was always interested in coding for that I joined an Institute that didn’t satisfied my hunger of learning so I decided to learn on my own.

TPW: How are you helping Indian businesses with your company ?

Sheikh Asif :I have created a website “koshurbusiness.com” Business directory for kashmiri businesses where we promote there business free of cost, and I am a business consult so with my business skills I help people’s to grow their business online / offline as well as I teach them how to start a business through my online consultation through out the India.

TPW: As you have published a book also can you tell us more about it?

Sheikh Asif : To be very honest i never think about writing a book but in 2020 after 20 days of Covid lock down i start writing a book which is still under process not published yet after a month of writing that book i got queries from my Clients and students help us with email marking and whats it etc i help around 5 6 and after that i start reeving more calls so i decide to write a book on it so i write down my experiments which i tried in email marketing and give it a name ( Email Marketing By Sheikh Asif ) which was avail free for 7 days and i made around 7800 Sales within 3 weeks.

TPW: Any message for Young youth?

Sheikh Asif : My message to youth is that never pay heed to what people are saying because they always will be there to demotivate you just have full focus on your goal and never give up whatever you determine to start

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