Meet Jay Ferrero The Entrepreneur Wolf of Las Vegas

Jay Ferrero is an entrepreneur and the Owner & Founder Of The Plugg Media, a very successful Social Media Advertising & Marketing company. Born and raised in the Bay Area of Northern California, he grew up as a young child with the entrepreneurial knowledge on his own of becoming a person with a business mindset. He started his own car washing business hustle at a young age of 12 years old going around his neighborhoods detailing and washing vehicles for money because he wanted to get it all on his own. He never depended on anybody growing up. He has been self made since a kid. 

At the age of 18, He then moved to Phoenix Arizona to start a new journey. Throughout his years in the Valley Of The Sun, he had then went on to building his establishment of a very successful company called The Plugg Media. A very successful marketing and advertising business. Also connecting with and working with many music artists, producers and professionals executives in the music industry. Jay has been recognized as a very successful professional in his lifetime from people from all over the world. 

He then moved to Las Vegas to network more and build his business and empire larger. He has worked with many successful people in all sorts of different industries which now he has also currently created several more businesses. This is the definition of a pure self made boss

You can connect with Jay on several of his social media platforms! 

Instagram @jayferrero

LinkedIn @jayferrero

Twitter @iamjayferrero

TikTok @iamjayferrero

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