Meet Tinu Thomas Kannur a young successful entrepreneur from Kerala

Tinu Thomas Kannur is a 24 years Business Magnate from Kannur district, Kerala who is the founder and CEO of the Feora Enterprises Private Limited 

Feora Enterprises Private Limited has  7 subsidiaries Feora Publications Pvt Ltd, Feora Learning Academy, Feora Networking & Communications, Feora Social Marketing, Feora Web Management Team, Feora Milk Products, and Feora Shoppings.

Tinu with the dream of employing unemployed youths start his journey of Entrepreneurship in February 2022 and has hired 30 staff members in his company 

Tinu completed his pre-high school in his native area, the school named St.Sebastian’s English Medium School Rayarome. After that he go forward with High school and higher secondary in Marygiri HSS Therthally, then he went for UG practice

Being an entrepreneur Tinu Thomas Kannur is also a traveller, blogger, author, and social activist and has written 2 poems in the general category Tinu’s main hobbies are exploring the world and doing something for the welfare of society.

While talking with the media Tinu said my company’s focus is to create more employment. Here are the details of Tinu’s businesses in what field they are working and who can join Tinu’s team.

Feora Enterprises Private Limited is a food processing unit running in Kannur KL.

Feora Enterprises Private Limited where Tinu’s team help independent authors to get their books published on minimal charges.

Feora Learning Academy focuses to provide online coaching to students who are not able to go outside of the city or interstate to learn new things.

Feora Networking & Communications is the team which focuses on the activity of connecting to city application

Feora Social Marketing where Tinu Thomas and his team help businesses, celebrities, and influencers to gain more presence on social media etc.

Feora Milk Products Where the team will work with dairy products, especially milk processing, curd, cheese and other products which can be made with milk.

Feora Shoppings is an eCommerce website where Tinu’s team will provide quick delivery of all products which will be listed on the website, the feature focus of Fedora shopping is to provide hassle-free service to customers where the customer will be treated like a king/queen.

Tinu Thomas also write blogs on travelling , business and other things he love to write and travel .

Tinus Thomas Kannur Message for youth was to be a job provider not job finder because in asaam the unemployment rate is 8.5% .

Tinu Thomas Kannur

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