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Meet Youngest Entrepreneur and Social Activist from South Kashmir

Tabish Ishaq Mir, a growing social activist, entrepreneur and a
humanitarian who hails from Shopain, Jammu and Kashmir. Tabish Mir
a business student, studying at SSM College and has a successful
hostel business running that accommodates more than 200 to 300
students annually. He is also a national cricket player and has good love
for the sport.
Tabish, popularly know as Mir Salim is a profound humanitarian
concerned with the human well-fare on a global scale. He discovered
his humanitarian interests right after completing his 12th exams and is
currently excelling at his work.
Mir Salim has done more in the field of social activism and has worked
on spreading peace and happiness in the most conflicted areas. He has
worked with multiple organisations and is currently running an NGO of
his own, namely “Cashmere Foundation”. He has been tirelessly woking
towards the general human interests form last five years. His work
mainly consists of visits, spreading awareness, distribution of necessary
food items to the poor and needy, and imparting education to the poor.
During the first phase of Covid-19 when most of the people were safe
home, he successfully distributed necessary food items, medical
support and other essential items to the people from different areas of
Jammu and Kashmir. He has been a part of many events and
programmes that aimed at removal of the evils from the society. He has
took part in may candle light vigils, awareness programs, sports events,
educational reformations seminars and other events that revolve around
the idea of a better society. He has conducted many events, such as
“Winter Fest 2019”, “Women Empowerment” and other grand events
throughout Jammu and Kashmir.
Mir Salim has proved that business, studies, sports interests and
humanitarian work can all go along with the right dedication and effort.
His business, “Home Fort Hostels” is popular among the students who
are looking for accommodation in Srinagar. The hostels are popular and
have left over many consumers satisfied.
Mir Salim is working on different projects and aims to benefits the
general public, both by his social work and business models. He is a
true example of courage, excellence and optimism.

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