Coronavirus effect: Impact of COVID on sexual health is not talked about enough | The Times of India

The 2022 study published in International Journal of Impotence Research says that endothelial dysfunction, effect of COVID pandemic on the sexual life and sexual satisfaction of people are the main reasons for reduced sexual health during this period.

The study reveals that post-infection, there is a loss of physiological functions in the endothelial cells, which line the blood vessels and this leads to circulatory disorder in multiple organs.

The study says: Normal erectile function is a result of complex mechanisms including neural, vascular, and hormonal signaling. Impairment of psychological, neurological, hormonal, vascular, and cavernosal factors, individually, or in combination, can induce erectile dysfunction. Numerous pathophysiological pathways can exist together and have combined a negative impact on erectile function. The underlying reason for COVID-19-driven erectile dysfunction could be the associations established between endothelial dysfunction and SARS-CoV-2 corrupting the physiological pathways involved in the regulation of erection.

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