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Needless to say, every woman dreams of a world where uncomfortable clothing has no place in their
closet. Fitting yourself in bodycon dresses and partying in them or wearing formal clothes for at least 8

hours in a day is a curse every woman goes through, waiting to get back home and send those

unforgiving pair of trousers flying out of the bedroom. The notion of rugged pyjamas is

changing as more and more women say no to uncomfortable clothing and embrace beauty in simplicity.

Why dress in torn shorts when you can lounge in a kaftan feeling like a diva?

So, why not put together a list of cute fits to pull off at home? Doing that will save you from the

mindless panic when you receive a text saying- Join the Zoom link in two minutes. Let’s get to the ideas, now.

Shirt sets


Remember the rom-com movies where a woman sips on a large tumbler full of wine in those

cute satin shirt sets? It looks adorable, doesn’it? But it’s the satin that becomes a problem after a

while. What’s a better alternative? Cotton shirt sets! They’re just as cute and all things pretty but much

easier on the skin. Try buying shirt sets in lighter colors to feel more relaxed.

Short sets


According to me, shorts and camis are the greatest inventions in the history of women’s

clothing because they’re not only cute but also the designers’ well-thought-out creations for woman’s

comfort which I feel is a sign of progress! The idea of wearing both together doesn’t only make me feel elated but also helps me sleep better on any given day. Women who don’t feel comfortable in camis or tanks can also opt for short sets which come with sleeved tops and t-shirts. Sleeve or no sleeve, cute

shorts are reason enough to redo your loungewear collection.



Robes are so underrated that the only place we see them is in a bathtub scene. And, it’s time to change that notion because let’s face it; robes are extremely comfortable, too light on the skin, and at

the same time, sophisticated. Be it in cotton or silk, robes are the perfect way to elevate anyone’s mood

and that makes it a very worthy investment. So, what’s getting in your way of loading your cart with

pretty robes?



Because kaftan dresses are airy, they will put you at ease. Any informal occasion is the perfect

time to wear one of these dresses. Donning this attire will make you feel elegant and at ease, whether

you’re out shopping, hosting cat parties at home, or doing anything else. These Kaftan outfits are also

ideal for using as a nightgown. The material used in these loose-fitting dresses is comfortable on the skin

and includes materials like cotton, silk, etc.

T-Shirt dresses


Of course, I wanted to save the best for last because this one is my personal favorite.

Casual dresses are quite an efficient investment because not only they are breezy, comfortable and all

things relaxing but they look uber cool and can be worn down to shopping trips too. Its versatile nature

is what makes t-shirt dresses a very popular pick among the younger generations.

With inputs from Mehul Sethi, Jisora.

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