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When asked about the foods used in Puja, Nandita told us that it depends on which deity you are worshipping at that time as each of them has their own liking. She explained, “For example, when we talk about doing a Hawan in the name of supreme lord Shiva, we offer Kheer to him and do a ‘Kheer Abhishek’ to Lord Shiva when we are facing a lot of difficulties in life. There are different Ahutis given to Lord Shiva for different wishes. Like we give the Ahuti of Ganne ka Ras when we want money in our life. Likewise, mustard oil is offered in the Ahuti to overcome one’s enemies.” Nandita also told us that we offer sesame seeds to the Goddess Durga or Navgrahas to appease them. Even the black-coloured Hawan Samagri that’s added in the Hawan includes all kinds of foods like seeds, dry fruits, whole wheat kernel or jaun, dried herbs, roots, leaves etc that helps in purifying the environment.

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