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Kunal Vijayakar, actor, comedian, author and India’s biggest foodie lost 20 kgs over the course of a few months. His weight loss journey is remarkable given that there was no fad diet, no fasting, no starvation or major exercise routine. Neither was any medical procedure or any medications involved. Rather, whilst keeping intact his lifelong passion for food, Kunal overcome his obsession for food which had made him a compulsive eater.

Kunal owes his transformation to an interesting technology-based approach that helped enhance his subconscious brain and helped him lose weight. “The NeuroLeap personalised brain enhancement program experience is transformational and life changing,” added Kunal.

Kunal further shared, “Their program really has zero side effects, is absolutely safe, completely non-invasive and is free of any medication. It started with the NeuroLeap Brain Function Assessment of the entire brain where I sat in a chair and had my brain waves recorded by high quality sensors all over my head for 30 minutes. Importantly, they read my whole brain with sensors all over and not just on some parts. Then they analysed my subconscious brainwave patterns and next day on this basis created a very specific and personalized program for me which consisted of multiple technology based brain enhancement sessions of 30 minutes each over a few months. They would keep customizing each session for me”

In conversation with ETimes, Vijayakar discussed the biggest challenges he faced with losing weight before he discovered Neuroleap. “Will power. The inability to resist temptation. The stamina to see it through and the complete lack of motivation to exercise,” were some of things that hampered his weight loss journey, the actor reflects.

“Over time with the NeuroLeap program I found that I was now able to increase my self control and had much stronger willpower and self discipline from within without having to consciously work hard on it, so that I no longer find it difficult to control my obsession with food and don’t eat compulsively. I continue to really enjoy food and do my food reviews, shows, my writing, acting and more with all the passion, excitement and thrill. The sessions are completely customized to me, are technology based and did not need me to follow any harsh or miserable feeling diet. Additionally it tremendously helped my sleep (I was able to quit my sleeping pills that I had been on for decades), lowered my anxiety and made me much calmer,” added Kunal.

Having now lost 20 kilos, the actor and foodie thinks that the only way ahead is an “outlook change.” “The brain has accepted that one cannot go on in the same way as one used to. So some amount of sessions with NeuroLeap and a change of lifestyle is the aim.” he adds.

“NeuroLeap’s Lose Weight by Enhancing Your Brain program is the answer for all of us who might have access to the best diet or nutrition plan but are unable to stick to it; are unable to control food cravings, sugar cravings; are eating out of boredom, stress, anxiety, mood or other such factors; have low will power, self-control, self-discipline; are unable to get moving or be consistent with our exercise routines,” Kumaar Bagrodia, Founder, NeuroLeap said.

“Our in depth brain assessment of the whole brain, helps one understand the specific dysregulation in the brainwave networks and then the highly customized Brain Computer Interface based sessions help enhance the subconscious response towards food, addiction, anxiety, stress, mood, sleep, depression, attention and more. We have seen transformational results with several clients and we’re happy to have helped Kunal and look forward to helping more people transform their lives.” he added

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