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Parent shaming is the act of criticizing and judging parents on how they’re raising their kids. It is when others think they understand a parent’s decision better on the basis of certain scientific evidence or experience and use it to argue their way.

However, what is important here is to see whether shaming parents is helping them at all. Are they suddenly better or great at their jobs? Do they feel more skilled at the things they were criticized for? Or have they now miraculously gained insight into the changes they need to bring in their parenting styles? No. Not really.

Rather, psychologists believe, victims of parent shaming are likely to feel more anxious and unworthy. They feel doubtful of their abilities, which in turn affects the child’s mental well-being, making them internalize the fear their parents feel.

John Anderson, the author of Happy Childhood in 1933 says, “Fear states are contagious.”

“The first step in the control and elimination of fear is the maintenance by parents of a courageous attitude in the presence of their children,” he adds.

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