The First Person in India to have a Google panel as a podcaster

Saadath Mohi-ud-din , from a medical student to CEO and Founder of First Podcast App of Kashmir “Aao Unhe Yaad Karai” , from South Kashmir’s Anantnag area, is a motivation to many.

Saadath has begun a digital podcast named “Aao Unhe Yaad Karai,” which targets advancing the Kashmiri language and Sufi Poetry

The point is to save the rich language and Sufi culture of Kashmir and draw the consideration of individuals, particularly youth, towards it,” he said.

“There is nobody who has any interest in our primary language. At the point when we are avoiding our own language, ensuring our way of life is by all accounts troublesome. There will be no hints of our own language and culture if this methodology proceeds. That is the reason I am attempting to save the language and verse and advance it among individuals,” he said.
Now Saadath Mohi-ud-din is the First Podcaster from India which got its knowledge panel as a Podcaster.

Saadath said his family is loving his work and feels pleased with his accomplishments.

His father Gh. Mohi-ud-din Bhat stated, “When I see his work, I feel glad , however for quite a while, he has been attempting to put the Kashmiri language at the bleeding edge. Individuals now and then have a feeling of inadequacy on the off chance that they talk in Kashmiri and Saadath however verse is urging individuals to communicate in the language.”

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