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Monsoon season brings us respite from the summer heat, we love rain, and getting wet in the rain is also enjoyable. Although rain gives us an escape from the scorching summer heat, it also brings along with lots of bacterial and viral infections. Keeping nails clean and clipping them is the most important, as the population of harmful germs expands during the monsoons. We list down a few tips for nail hygiene.

1. Clipping nails- You might not be in the habit of clipping your nails regularly, but during monsoons, one must trim them often so that no germs get accumulated underneath them. Due to moisture and dampness nails become soft and break easily, it is always good to keep them short.

2. Keep nails dry- Always keep your hand and toe nails dry during the rainy season. Since humidity generates more sweat on your hands and feet, always keep washing and drying them to remove all the unwanted toxins. One should avoid wearing closed leather shoes and opt for open or strappy footwear as closed leather shoes can lead to fungal infections. It is good to use anti-fungal powder before wearing socks and shoes to avoid any kind of skin infections.

3. Avoid using nail paint- Women love to apply different shades of nail polish but it’s recommended to avoid using nail paints during monsoons and let your nails breathe. If unavoidable prefer nail paints that are paraben free also pick up a nail paint remover that contains essential vitamins A, C, and E that treat nails and cuticle problems.

4. Soak your nails- It is very important to soak hands and feet in hot water with salt and mild shampoo during monsoons. It removes all the germs and dirt from the nails and also kills harmful bacteria. Soaking nails also helps in softening the skin. After soaking, don’t forget to dry them completely.

With inputs from Rajesh U Pandya, Managing Director, KAI India.

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