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Veganism is the way of life for most of the people today and the momentum is gaining across the world. From celebs to politicians and even cricketers are now realizing the true value of veganism. If we go back to the last year’s data, there was an all-time high when people adopted veganism across the world as per Google. The trend is soon catching up among people and there is a certain hype around plant-based foods be it snacks, main dishes or desserts. Going vegan is much more than a fad and is a movement that promotes a compassionate way of living for the planet, for the animals and lastly for your own health. But many people still do not know the vegan way of living. According to Sanjay Sethi, Executive Director, Plant Based Foods Industry Association (PBFIA), “It is time for society to recognise that with rising temperatures, growing zoonotic diseases, threat to soil degradation, desertification, ethical concerns and a growing population, we have no choice but to transition to a plant-based diet before it is too late.” Thus, if you also want to be a vegan for life, here are some simple tips that you can adopt. Take a look. (Images courtesy: iStock)

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