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When a drink, especially single malt, is served on the rocks, the cooling properties of ice depress the dominant alcohol flavours and aromas in the drink. The ice actually masks the most intrinsic flavours that contribute to the exclusivity in the taste of scotch. This is the reason why avid whisky lovers and enthusiasts either drink their malt neat or just add a drop of water to it in order to open up the flavors. In case ice is added to the glass post water, the opening up caused by the water becomes moot as low temperature erases the flavours that had been opened up.Many experts also believe that when malt is taken with ice, it numbs the tongue, thereby preventing taste buds to relish the drink.

It is however okay to add some ice if the whisky in the glass is blended or the weather outside is scorching. Also, if you are just getting into malts and whisky, adding ice to the drink could be beneficial as it makes the drink more accessible for the uninitiated by depressing the dominant flavours or aroma.However, a few very important factors need to be taken into consideration if heading towards ‘on the rocks’ way.

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