From An Ordinary Student To a Successful Podcaster, One of Youngest Radio Jockey & Entrepreneur

Photo By Saadath Mohi Ud Din

RJ Aman Singh – From An Ordinary Student To a Successful Podcaster, One of Youngest Radio Jockey & Entrepreneur. Aman Singh aka RJ Aman Singh is Voice behind One of India’s Famous Podcasts ” FM DOWNTOWN “. He is Also a Radio Jockey, at just age of 18 which makes him One of India’s Youngest RJs.Aman is from Varanasi (Banaras), he is pursuing his bachelors degree in Biotechnology. He was an Audio geek from childhood, doing stage Anchoring and program hosting were kind of his hobbies, and that made him what he is today.He started his Podcast in July 2020 during the Covid Lockdown, Unsure about how his content is going to be liked by audio consumers across the nation.Things changed Rapidly, he stared getting a lot of Listens just after a month of his 1st episode. Getting messages of Fans over email and Social media made him feel that his Podcast worth it.By the End of 2020 he made his name to the Top Podcasts of India and Made it to charts a lot of times and also Awarded by Spotify for that.One of Managers of A prominent Radio Station  saw Aman’s Podcast and offered him To be a Radio jockey with them. The boy was Already so much fascinated about it and how can he miss this Opportunity, He joined it! After getting so much of Love in Podcasting industry he decided to do something for Indian Podcasting Industry, He is working on a Mega Project that will Allow the Indian Podcasters to monetize their content and that will be launched by the end of 2021 (Sources)Aman is CEO & Founder of his recently launched  Podcast Production Studio – “FMDT STUDIOS” where Not only Great Podcasts are Created but Amazing Voice Overs too.He Recently signed Contract with “The Digital Kiddo” for Producing Podcasts for them. The Podcast The Digital kiddo is gem for all the little kids out there who wanted to be safe online. Inner Sources Says the day is not so far when he will be signed for Spotify Originals Podcasts. Because the talent in this Young boy is filled precisely.Aman belongs from a Military Family, he says ” It is Tough to do something different from the flow, when you see the olive greens around you and mic in your hand it’s both different and Insecure at the same time”For all the people out there who wanted to hop into the podcasting in India, Aman have something to say to you all “Don’t wait for right opportunity to come, grab the every second of time and just Take Off your Journey. Keep in mind you have to enjoy this process not take pressure for building audience Base quickly or getting so many sponsors and al that will come to you very soon but in start focus on your Content value instead of anything else “Aman said in an Interview with Associate Editor of “The Press Walla” Saadath Mohi-ud-din “success brings jealousy and so people around you who were close to you may seem to go far from you, let them be because holding hurts more that letting go, focus on your Goal only not what others are thinking about you. I’m saying it on a personal experience””Nobody will wipe your tears once you failed, but everyone will ask for party in success, think wisely what I’m saying”  – says RJ Aman Singh.

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