Meet Masrur Alam:- an Islamic artist from West Bengal

Srinagar: Masrur Alam Mandal is an Islamic star & an Islamic artist living in India, Born at Bongaon a city of West Bengal, India in 2004 .His father’s name is Asraf Ali Mandal

As a child, he finished school from village school to class 4th.Then he got admitted in a madrasa ( Madrasa is that the living sort of an academic system which thrived within the past during this way, the madrasa education initiates a social mobilization which inspires social groups that are knit along side the material of culture to require part within the religious, political, and revolutionary movements of the country) in Calcutta and from there he memorized the Quran.

He is a person of charitable donation and almsgiving. He believed that the greatness and happiness of a philosopher was in forsaking of the planet and therefore the happiness of the soul in forsaking worldly interests and seclusion.

After finishing his studies from there, he went to Bangladesh to study Islam. There he study Islamic Literature and received awards as an Islamic star through various organizations in India and Bangladesh

Masrur Aalam considered morality because the results of knowledge and the introduction of happiness, and thought of no greatness, esteem and perfection for a scholar who had no morality.

According to Mansur Alam , Islam may be a complete code of life. If you’re happy, sad, confused or even facing some kind of problems. Being a Muslim spiritual cure always available in Islam.

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