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Story of Success in Bangla Christian Media

Rocky Talukder is one of the first name come who started journey with Youtube for share Gospel & Good news of Jesus Christ in Bengali language community all over the world. Yes ! Its began 10th February 2011 and now in 2023 it reach almost 125k Subscriber with 26Million views. Not only youtube but other social media like Facebook , Instagram , twitter etc he impacted lots which helped every Bengali churches all over in the earth. Youth, Children, Women, Outreach etc in every ministry part for Gospel is benefited by those content which Rocky Talukder Ministry published. People in city or urban came to know about Jesus very easily with their phone or laptop for those great steps by Rocky Talukder in last 12 years.

Rocky Talukder was only 18 years old when he started his media ministry & surly it was not easy start for him. There was limitation, struggle, challenges. It was his life risk too where many people or group don’t want name of Jesus in Bangladesh. Many laughed on him because he never learn music or songs or any instruments but he started sing for Jesus in Bangla language by the grace of lord. He started to Bengali cover many English & Hindi worship songs. Later he started to sing, tune & write new songs in Bangla language. In 2023 he already released 160 worship songs in Bangla. He told us its all about Holy Spirit who can lead a person zero to million.

Rocky Talukder is truly great example to young people who now want start media for Christ in Bangladesh, West Bangla or any Bengali community in all over the world. His Morden step for Christian media is really unforgettable. Not only in online but also his physically visit many churches and youth & children camp is inspired many souls to come to Jesus. We give big congratulation to him for his 12 years of Ministry, 100K Subscriber & his silver play button which 1st ever Youtube Silver Play Button for any Bengali Christian Youtube channel. We pray his more success in media ministry.

If you want to look his youtube channel then you can visit – www.youtube.com/Jents1000

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