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SYDNEY: “It’s my responsibility to make sure that I’m in the crease and leave at the right time,” said New Zealand batter Glenn Phillips, adding that the bowlers are well within their rights to take off the bails if the non-striker is backing up.
During New Zealand’s T20 World Cup match against Sri Lanka, towards the end of his innings Phillips was seen squatting in a sprinter’s stance at the non-striker’s end and the moment Lahiru Kumara released the delivery, he rushed towards the striker’s end.
“From a sprinter’s start when you’re trying not to be out of the crease as much as possible — there’s been a lot going around about Mankads and leaving the crease,” Phillips said at the post-match press conference after New Zealand’s win over Sri Lanka.
“At the end of the day, it’s my responsibility to make sure that I’m in the crease and leave at the right time. If the bowler is doing his job, then he has the right to be able to take the bails off.


“For me to be able to get into that start, that position as quick as possible, it just made sense,” he added.
Phillips starred with the bat as he struck a sparkling 64-ball 104 in New Zealand’s thumping 65-run victory over Sri Lanka.
“It was very much spur of the moment. I guess the position was to be able to see the bowlers and take off as quick as possible,” he added.
Mankading, informally named after former India cricketer Vinoo Mankad, has been in the news of late after Deepti Sharma ran out Charlie Dean at the non-striker’s end for leaving her crease too early to hand a 3-0 ODI series sweep in England last month.
Once considered unfair play, although legal, in the gentleman’s game, the ICC has now termed these kind of dismissals as ‘run out’. Since October 1, it no longer sits in the ‘unfair play’ section of its rule book.
However, the debate continues if such dismissals are against the ‘spirit of game’.

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