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Meet Award Winning Social Activist And Cricketer From Shopian Who Works For Betterment Of Youth And Society

A young dedicated individual, Salman Ishaq Mir who is lawyer by profession, a social activist and a national cricket player. Mr Salman who is from Shopain District of Jammu and Kashmir, has been working towards the betterment of the society from a very long time. He has worked with multiple organisation and is currently state coordinator of an NGO, “JK Youth Society”, he is also an active member of other organisations such as “Itiffaq” and “Kashmir Youth Web”. Mr Salman developed a deep interest for social activism and community work in early teenage and since then he has been woking towards the good cause. He not only has worked with organisation but he has been doing more on individual basis. He has been a part of major awareness programmes and has done his best to aware the public about multiple social issues and evils. Mr. Salman has mainly targeted the use of drugs throughout majority of his work. Further he has been working towards awareness about mental health and has conducted and participated in many awareness programmes throughout the Valley. He has been working with the NGO “Itiffaq” and has conducted over 15 mental health programmes, multiple events and seminars. These programmes had a wider reach and a tremendous impact.

Apart from the field of social activism, Mr Salman is a sportsman, who is a national cricket player and has a deep interest for the game. Also he is a professional lawyer and is pretty great at his profession. He is a perfect example of balance, intelligence and dedication. There are very rare individual who know how to balance professional and personal interests, and Mr Salman is among those rare individuals.

“Mr Salman said ,I believe we can reform the society, not by taking big steps on rare occasions but by taking small steps consistently”Mr Salman believes that social reform and changes can be made by taking small and consistent steps. He has mentored and helped many individual from different professional fields, religious group and mainly students. He has imparted better advices and suggestions, that majority have found helpful. He also helped many to discover their interests and choose between careers. These are a few examples of true Social Service that Mr. Salman is committed to.

He has been honoured, felicitated and awarded in numerous events and seminars. He is a role model and an inspiration for many individuals across the Valley. He has inspired many individuals, mainly young people into the field of social service. During the past five years he has conducted many youth interactions and group discussions mainly at Srinagar, Shopain and Pulwama. He has conducted multiple discussions and roundtable with the youth to help them discuss issues and problems and come up with an innovative solution. He further has facilitated and organised many events such as “Winter Fest 2019” at Shopain Kashmir, “Umeed” at Pulwama, “National Girl Child Day 2020”, “Women Empowerment 2019” at Shopain and other variety of events.

He is a dedicated man with a wider vision, our nation needs more men like him. He further has more activities and projects coming up, that can help to reform the society. His social work is inspiring many people.

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