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MUMBAI: Fans cheering for their teams is an integral, endearing part of sport, but the authorities handling IPL-2022 have chosen to play safe in this area.
While fans have been seen cheering their heroes wildly at the stadiums, spectators at the four venues in Mumbai and Pune for matches in the league have been greeted with a simple message at the gates of the stadiums: ‘No cheering material or flags allowed.’
The situation has been particularly difficult for a die-hard Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) fan like Chirag Khilare, who has been disallowed to take RCB’s flag inside the venues.
“It’s disappointing as I’m a ‘Super Fan’ of the team. It takes six hours for me to get ready for a game, which includes one hour of being painted in RCB colours. I go to the team hotel, wave the RCB flag and then to the stadium. Before every game, I waste one hour at the gate as the security people tell me that fans aren’t allowed inside due to security seasons,” Khilare told TOI on Friday.
“I’m bound to feel bad. Without the flag, there’s no fun in cheering for your team as a ‘Super Fan’. It feels a bit empty, and you fail to distinguish yourself in a stadium of 25,000 fans. My flag is three metres long, I can’t wave it without a stick.
“Other ‘Super Fans’ like Ram babu and Sudhir bhai are being allowed to take their flags, but I’m not being allowed to do so, as I don’t have ‘contacts’ at the top . The security people say that people can hit the players with the stick of the fan, but being a ‘Super fan’ I can’t think of doing something like that,” Khilare rued.
“A few of the fans managed to take the flags inside after convincing the security guys, but if you go to the gates of the stadiums, you will see lots of fan flags having been dumped there. One day, the guy who paints himself in yellow for the Chennai Super Kings left his flags and posters with me,” said Sampat, a fan.
“Some unruly spectators can throw the sticks of the flags on the players at the ground. Hence, the BCCI and Mumbai Police have disallowed flags,” a source involved in organizing the games told TOI.
However, it’s not just the flags which aren’t being allowed at venues. Even posters, unless they are of a certain size, aren’t being allowed.
“They aren’t allowing old team jerseys or even caps with old branding in the stadiums, perhaps to prevent ambush marketing,” said a spectator.

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