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Exclusive Interview With Dr. Shoborose Tantray

TPW : Tell me about yourself

Dr. Shoborose Tantray : I am Dr. Shoborose Tantray . I am an Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist and Forensic  Odontologist.
Currently,  I WORK as Senior Lecturer AT  Santosh university NCR Delhi AS WELL AS  work as Center Head in the Institute of Eminence Healthcare , New Delhi where I train students in the field of medical laboratory technology .
BESIDES THESE ,  i also do my consultations in various dental clinics in 
different parts of Delhi and my home State Kashmir.
As a person I am very amiable ,inquisitive, goal- oriented ,optimistic and cooperative .
My greatest achievement has been receiving the most Prestigious award i.e. ‘Young Researcher 
Award of India ‘ in December 2020.
 My future plan is to work in a renowned international hospital as Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist and Forensic Odontoligist , as well as  continue my research.

TPW :Have you always wanted to pursue Dentistry field?

Dr. Shoborose Tantray :Although, I was not interested in medical field till my secondary school but after encouragement 
and motivation from my family I decided to pursue dentistry.
Through this field,  I want to serve people in my country and alleviate their pain through my knowledge and experience 
Lastly ,medical field is very respected and rewarding field in our country as well as the  whole world hence I want to contribute to this field.

TPW :As a dental surgeon it is your responsibility to interact with patients on a very critical level.How do you motivate people who are nervous or in pain?

Dr. Shoborose Tantray : There are various ways one can motivate such people :
1.let your patient be heard :when dealing with anxious patients ,the most important skill to learn is to listen. Most patients just want to know that THEY HAVE BEEN LISTENED ABOUT  their concerns. .BEFORE TREATMENT ,I always make sure to take two minutes to sit down and talk with my patients make them relax. I start asking them open-ended questions like “how are you feeling” or “is there anything that  I can do to make you feel more comfortable”?

2. Explain the what and the why: Most people’s fear of the hospital comes from being in an unfamiliar environment and not knowing what to expect. To help minimize anxiety, i always explain 
to the patient , what treatment I am going to do and why this treatment is important for the patient.

3. Use humor
I USE HUMOUR TO  lighten the mood and be personable. THEN I Ask THEM PERSONAL QUESTIONS  — how many kids/grandkids do they have, where are they from, how they met their spouse, etc. This helps  in  two WAYS : one, it gives patients something to focus on besides their current situation and anxiety, and two, it’ll makes them more comfortable, which also lessens stress.
4.Be empathetic: last but not the least ,I always try  to my best to put myself in their shoes.

TPW :What do you consider to be a greatest accomplishment in this field?

Dr. Shoborose Tantray : So far I have achieved many awards ,however I consider INTERNATIONAL AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 
IAE &ASIA DENTAL AWARDS Young Researcher Award of India on 19th of December 2020 as my greatest  achievement because it has helped me not only academically ,professionally but also personally by boasting my morale and self-esteem.  I hope this achievement will lead me to better prospect and motivate me to excel in all future projects.

TPW :Have you encountered time when you wanted your work-related situation turn out someway as you had hoped but it didn’t. How did you react and learn from it?

Dr. Shoborose Tantray :When I first started writing my research papers three years back ,the part of my research was to 
highlight sufficient data and communicate with some of the professors . I started sharing all the 
information related to the particular research by emailing each and every professors individually, 
As this was my very first publication, I was not exactly aware of how to communicate with the faculty. I quickly learned that this was a rookie mistake for two reasons : Since all communication was via email, I didn’t have a sense of how each professor would respond to the questions, making 
it difficult to play off each other’s answer; and since each faculty member knew every question verbatim, their responses sounded confusion and overall flat to me.
While I still cringe thinking about that time, I learned some valuable lessons that I’ve applied to my 
work ever since. Now, I insist on scheduling a brief call with each professor/faculty member 
/researcher scholar or I get to meet them in person to get to know them better. Instead of emailing them a list of questionnaire. I discuss the topics I plan to cover during our phone call or personal meetings ,so they have a sense of what we’ll discuss—and I get an idea of how they might approach 
certain questions—while preventing  confusion and loss of time.

TPW :What do you think are the greatest challenges for a person working as a forensic odontologist and how do you resolve them in a professional manner?

Dr. Shoborose Tantray :A wide range of methods have been developed in the past and have been practiced. Old methods have been  modified and remodified, and new methods keep emerging. Provided that there are a lot of methods available in  the field of forensic odontology, the main problem a forensic odontologist faced is choosing the correct method to  use for a particular case. This is challenging because there is a lack of uniformity of procedures and methods to be used worldwide. In addition, it is difficult to set such standards because these methods are population specific. 
In most cases, the results are either overestimated or underestimated when applied on different populations  because of differences in ethnicity and race. This issue can be resolved by
Firstly ,Keeping all the data of patients (pateints records )
Secondly ,by maintaining cooperation  with colleagues (Team work) and strong trust .Lastly ,by updating our knowledge with the latest development in this field .
 These measures  would not only  mitigate errors but also  make the work of forensic odontologists easier.

TPW :You have received International award of excellence for research.What do you think are the key qualities to be an excellent researcher?

Dr. Shoborose Tantray :First of  all.  I  would like to express my gratitude for receiving this honour from INTERNATIONAL AWARD OF  EXCELLENCE IAE & ASIA DENTAL AWARDS.
As a researcher, I believe following are the qualities in a good researcher: 
1 .The researcher should be conceptually clear. S/He should use the terms uniformly and appropriately. Otherwise, his /her whole exercise will be defective.
 2.The researcher should not only be careful in selecting the research tools but also properly trained so as to use these tools to procure reliable and valid data
 3.The researcher should also develop proper communicative skill and the ability to establish rapport with the respondents so as to elicit proper response.
4. Besides these, a researcher should always be well behaved and well clad. These qualities would attract the respondents towards him; sufficiently motivate them to produce necessary 
information required for the purpose of research.
5. Awareness of the possible drawbacks and shortcomings of research is very essential on the part of a good researcher. By knowing it before, the researcher may try to minimize such  problems, although it is well high impossible to claim complete perfection of a research work.

TPW :As your birth place is Kashmir,you must be quite attached to place.Would you like to give a message to the people of Kashmir?

 Dr. Shoborose Tantray :My message is to give top priority to Education as Education helps  in the development of a place or a country. And the other message is  to give importance to health and hygiene. Healthy citizens can work  efficiently and help a town or a nation in its progress and development. Lastly , being an Oral Pathologist ,I would also enlighten my native about oral hygiene and prevention of some serious oral cancers and pre-cancers.

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