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Meet Mehwish 2d 3rd caligrapher artist From Kashmir

Meet Mehwish 2d 3rd caligrapher artist who recently started making 2d, 3d Calligraphy frames. She is persuing Bachelors in Science from GCW, M.A.Road and reside in Nowgam Srinagar.

She was dedicated to art and craft things since last 8 years and always wanted to become something related to her hobby. This lockdown made her do so. Mehvish use Acrylic Paints to do this type of calligraphy. Being refused to become a Fashion Designer despite having 2nd Rank In NIFT , She had decided at the moment that she would anyhow start her career only with her passion and break all the myths of the society.

According to her There are struggles in every field and sometimes there is no support behind but if a person knows that what he/she is doing is good and is not going to harm anybody then that thing is best for him/her. In September mehvish started a small medium through Instagram and she feel like this art relieves her stress and leads her to live a happy life.

She have no inspiration but she always was influenced by the market available 3d Islamic frames. She used to love them a lot. This started when one of her knowns told her that he wanted to write his name but with something which could remain elevated on the surface on which it is written. She tried a lot things and at the end after trying a lot she reached to adding medium to acrylics so that they thicken up and can be used for the purpose.

This started her journey with this 3d art. And today mehvish is getting good response from Instagram and support from other mediums.


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