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Top 10 Kashmiri Artists

Shabir Malik / Sania Malik

Shabir Malik who is a paper machie artist has been working on portraits since a long time and his daughter, Sania Malik, promotes the same through various media platforms. She believes in her father and his innovations and is trying her best to raise an investment to further innovate what her father is thinking of.

Taskeen Un Nisa

Taskeen Un Nisa is 18 year old artist from sopore . She is a canvas , calligraphy, mural and resin artist. Despite being so young she sells her art all over the world. She have made hundreds of art pieces till now and her main focus has always remained canvas paintings and murals . 

Tabish Aijaz Khan

Tabish Aijaz Khan a self taught artist hailing from south kashmir  has versatile eye towards art. she is final year Med student who see’s every thing through artistic way.

Shaista Yousuf

Shaista Yousuf Passionate towards studies and love for solitude defines her. She at early stage was trying to fix herself emotionally and talent wise a dias girl crazy for lectures and Competitions.But after the death of her father she discover her new face that would see the different colours combining and forming an art like calligraphy. She write and draw different names, lines phrases ranging from religious scriptures to the choicest ones.She usually write the quranic verses.

Shahid Lateef Bodha

Shahid Lateef Bodha a sketch artist hailing from Dooru shahbad area of district Anantnag, doing his graduation from GDC DOORUHe started making paintings and drawings from his childhood and portraits from 2021.He is a self taught artist who is really touching the heights of success.

Inju Hussain

Inju Hussain from district anantnag completed her BSC and diploma from IGNOU she was very passionate about Arabic writing so she developed a keen interest in Arabic calligraphy, besides calligraphy she also try her hands on pottery items by painting and giving them a new touch of her own. Inju is doing this since lockdown but her journey almost started from her school days.

Azra Khan

Azra Khan and is doing doctorate in Seed Science and Technology from SKUAST-K. Besides she have  interest in various art forms viz. Sketching, Painting, Calligraphy (Arabic, kufic, Gothic) and mandala. She is doing this since a long time and Internet has been a great tool in learning various art forms as she is a self taught artist. 

Pakeeza Farooq

Pakeeza Farooq hailing from Manchowa Budgam. She’s currently doing B Sc.She usually uses the name “baaz” in her artworks instead of her real name. She was in touch with calligraphy from childhood,but due to some complications she was not showing interest in any of these activities.She says ;It took her some time to get back to her art.Now she’s trying her best to work on new activities like calligraphy and (sketching sometimes).And She’s going to continue her work.

Huzaib Bin Farooq

Huzaib Bin Farooq a 12 years old Artit from srinagar has started taking interest in art from the age of 6 and is now practising it in hos leisure time.”For me art is everything, refreshes me after I’ve studied for a whole day and brings me joy and I love to learn about art every time I get a chance.” Says Huzaib. He love to doodle,sketch, calligraphy, caricatures and he especially love making stencil art.

Sadaf Reshi

Sadaf Reshi, a self-learnt calligraphy artist is a student of 7th Grade from Bandipora district in Kashmir Division. Sadaf was drawn to arabic style of calligraphy since early childhood and has utilised the lockdown period to hone the skill from youtube. Sadaf wants to sharpen her skill and bring laurels to family.

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