Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Radical raid: New weapons, operators, and more

Activision is introducing Season 3 of COD Mobile starting April 01. The new update is themed around the 80s and the star of the show is Snoop Dogg. This development has come after the company announced Call of Duty Warzone And Vanguard Season 2.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 will offer a brand-new battlepass that includes free and premium items like new operators, a new functional weapon, weapon blueprints, calling cards, charms, COD points, and more.

Snoop Dogg will first arrive on Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 via a special Lucky Draw, starting April 1. The draw unlocks a “decked out” version of the rapper, in a 24K gold embroidered outfit and a new signature gold-plated Legendary SMG. It also comes with a death effect animation that flashes enemies under concert lights. Further details on the same will be revealed later this week.

According to Activision, “​​Players will compete during the day among a dizzying array of collector cars that line the street. Tighter quarters provide for some intense firefights in buildings, on the street and throughout the back alleys.”

The game packs new operators like Gunzo – Clownpin, Park – Glam and the D-O-double-G Snoop Dogg as a freelance covert agent and field operative. There is also a new Miami: Strike map which is a smaller version of the original Miami map.

In its press release, Activision also noted the start of World Championship 2022 Stage 1 and Ranked Series 1 from March 31. There are two new themes events — Soldier’s Choice and Easter Battle Royale. Players will get to interact with Raul Menendez each day to boost their XP generation through their choices. Meanwhile, Easter Battle Royale will require players to find and collect Easter Bunny’s eggs which can be turned into rewards in the vending machines on the map.

Earlier this month, Activision had announced it was working on a mobile version of its popular battle royale game, Warzone – and that they were looking to hire new talent to develop the project. The publisher had also confirmed a sequel to Modern Warfare and a new battle royale experience, built from the ground up, promising a new ‘sandbox’ mode, which would presumably let players create their own maps.

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