Overwatch 2 PvP closed beta starts on April 26

Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that the PvP closed beta for Overwatch 2 is set to launch on April 26, 2022. The company had made the announcement just last week via a developer update, and includes four new maps, the Push game mode, and new hero Sojourn.

Those interested can opt-in for the beta by signing into the official website or by clicking the link on the tweet below. Participants will be chosen based on a variety of factors, including the region, the sign-up date, and the computer hardware. The closed beta is only open to PC, so console players will be receiving the final cut of the game.

Players will also be required to own a copy of Overwatch 1 to access the beta. Our assumption is that Blizzard might be integrating a drop-down menu into the launcher, where users can scroll to the ‘In Development’ option and select the closed beta option. Similar to how they conduct PTR (Public Test Region) sessions.

If selected, players will receive an email invitation associated with the account, providing direct access to the application. The studio has not confirmed the number of players being included in the beta but will base it on their testing needs.

“We also want to make sure the game’s matchmaking system remains in a relatively healthy place throughout this phase of testing. If we determine we need more players to test new features or keep matches running smoothly, we’ll add players to the Closed Beta from our opt-in pool,” the blog post reads.

Overwatch 2 will be introducing its latest white-haired hero Sojourn, alongside the new 5v5 game mode players have been asking for since 2019’s GOAT meta. The roles will now be limited to a 2-1-2 format – two damage, one tank, and two support characters. As part of the update, the hero Doomfist has been shifted to the tank role.

Other additions include 4 new maps, starting with the ‘Circuit Royal,’ which is an Escort map and ‘Midtown,’ a Hybrid map. Then there is the new Push mode, which essentially functions like an opposite tug-of-war, where the two teams push the objective to either side. For this, Blizzard is introducing two new maps called the ‘New Queen Street’ and ‘Colosseo.’

The ping system is another much-requested feature coming to Overwatch 2, letting mic-less players or those with speech-related issues communicate better in-game. Last week, Blizzard had also conducted an alpha PvP test, which was limited solely to its employees and professional Esports player – under NDA.

Development on Overwatch 2 was halted briefly, following the sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination cases issued against the company late last year. However, in the new developer update video, new game director Aaron Keller has confirmed that development is now progressing smoothly. Its previous director Jeff Kaplan left the company to avoid any involvement in the lawsuits.

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